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I just bagged a new job !!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Aug 18, 2006.


    I will soon be the new Program manager with Intelematics Australia !!!

    Intelematics Australia

    My role will largely be facilitating a link between business operations and IT. I'm not from an IT background per se, and no quals in that area, but have worked in the processes that surround business operation reliant on IT systems for a number of years.

    They also threw a healthy pay rise at me, very very stoked !

    Why or how is this topic bike related ??? CAUSE I'M STILL GOING TO RIDING THE VIFFER TO AND FROM WORK !!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Congrats, man!
  3. Congrats !!

    just had a lookat the website..

    It mention that is it involove with providing sytems motorists..security, information and entertainment etc

    I just realised in always wondered why cars needed entertainment ssystems........It's cause the drivers are so bored!!!

    A bike IS the entertainment system..... it just happens to get you to places at the same time.

    ohh dear... excuse my ravings...... rather excoted at the moment.....:wink:

    cheers and good luck with the job
  4. Congrats indeed, but the BIG question is:

    Will you be able to post the "What's for Lunch" thread from work???????
  5. hornet - it's an IT company - time may be against me, but ability to post from work - this place could allow me to post from the moon !!! Yes - the lunch thread shall live on !!!
  6. Congrats man

    Hope the new job works out well for you over there.
  7. MOD - moved to off topic forum 10:56am (WST) 17/08/06
  8. congrats on the new job pete. Did they reduce the working hours too? Maybe a day off here and there, when the sun is out ;)
  9. you mean when I'm visiting "customers" ?

  10. well yeah that works.... just hope they are up the other side of the spur though :grin:
  11. Ahh yes, the RACV use this system for their vans etc I believe....
  12. Congratulations! :grin:
  13. Intelematics is wholly owned by the RACV
  14. Hey Doonks, Congrats on the job!!!
    Party at your place to celebrate? :p
  15. Same i have a 2nd interview with the director of http://www.freightnet.com.au/ traineeship with them. Get to go airport all the time ! Through customs and stuff. Better pay i hope and chance to be premoted , unlike the job i have now , where the boss is firing everyone
  16. Fantastic news. :beer:
  17. :beer: any excuse for a beer is a good enough excuse
    well done
  18. congrats mate

  19. Congrats.

    Can I get some of that luck? My job is immensely boring and doesn't pay terribly well.
  20. Tomorrow is my last day here at this shit-hole !