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I just almost rode into an eagle!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mcbigg, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Just thought i'd share,

    I was out for my usual blat through the pine forests surrounding Mount Gambier. I was sitting on "around" 110 (honest occifer) and in the distance i could see what looked like a roo on the side of the road.

    As i got closer, i could see that it was in fact a very large wedge tailed Eagle standing on top of a roo carcass. ( The eagle would have come up to my waist if it (and i) was standing on the ground - I'm 6ft tall).

    As i got closer, it took off (looked like slow motion as it was so big) and flew away from the road. Cool, i thought. Until it changed direction and flew straight at me. If i hadn't ducked, i reckon it would have flown smack into the side of my helmet. It felt like the opening scene in star wars (and space balls!), you know where the huge ship flies overhead. It literally went dark as it passed overhead. Neadless to say, i shat.

    All i could see was this heee-uge beak and massive talons coming towards me. I was thinking it will be interesting to see how my AGVSport jacket holds up against the deadliest bird in australia! I'm kinda glad i didn't have to find out.

    I like to get back to nature, but that was a little close for comfort!

    Between that and the two stupid emus that ran out in front of me after that, it made for quite an interesting (pucker factor) ride!

  2. You should ask VTRBob about his encounter with the feathered kind.....

    Had to be a 6!
  3. This must be something that Eagles always do, like roos stopping in the middle of the road at night to get a better look at the bright things coming at them. I drove the nullabor many years ago and had the exact same thing happen. The Eagle, standing 2 feet high on the side of the road, took off away from the road and then made a 180 into my path. Given I was doing 120km/h I had only braked to about 80 when it went over the top of my old Celica(only just). It's wing span was wider than the car and I got a good look at it from my position under the dashboard as it passed overhead - I thought it was going to come straight through the windscreen! I hate to think what would have happened if this had happened on a bike.
  4. That's insane! I can imagine it ripping you off your bike and flying away heh. Sounds like something off of a movie.
  5. Similar thing happened to my Dad. Driving a long in the UK, stag deer (approximately 6-7 feet tall) running in and out of trees along side the road, Dad slowed to about 10kmph so us kids could get a good look at it. It decided to then run in front of car. Bounced off, got up and ran away. Car left with no front grille or lights and a slightly bent up but not busted radiator. Most people probably wouldn't have seen the deer amongst the trees and would have sailed past at 60kmph, could have then been some serious damage.
  6. I had a similar experience on our Broken Hill ride over Easter. The eagles would take off in one direction and then change direction and you'd nearly hit them.

    It was then explained to me that an eagle will take off into the wind. Being on the large side, it needs all the help it can get to get off the ground. Then they seem to change direction and go straight at you or cross your path for some silly reason. Maybe it's an eagles version of chicken.
  7. A friend in the ausmotorcycle forums came to grief with an emu in western Australia.
    His moto guzzi suffered dents and scratches, he suffered cuts and bruises but the emu was fubar.
  8. Maybe the eagle is protecting its meal??

    Or maybe it's after fresh brain!
  9. Daft creatures emus.

    Glad your mate came through sort of OK
  10. I had a little eagle (Some mouse eating thingy in german.. bout 40cm long) take on the Renault I was driving.
    Surprisingly the Renault won. (?wtf?)
  11. Hey, unless your Renault was one of the new plastic fantastic models those things were tough!

    My old Renault 12 survived every bit of cr@p I put it through or that happened to it (including being rear ended by a long wheelbase Landcruiser with massive bullbar). Then again, the 12's were designed to be taxis in Paris. I miss that car :cry:
  12. lol. I think it was a 2000 model.. the engine blew up (1.9L Turbo Diesel) after 77,000km.

    was the worst car I've ever driven : (
  13. Figures, they haven't impressed me with any of their range after the 80's (may change mind if I get to drive the MR Clio with the 3 litre flat 6)
  14. I have heard of a guy riding in the Adelaide hills, comes around a fast corner only to meet up with a wedgie swooping down from the oppisite direction to feed on some road kill.
    Bloke took the full force of the bird in the chest, knocked him backwards of the bike,braking several ribs, not to mention other damage from the road.

    the eagle didnt fair so well.
  15. Didn't that happen to Fabio, got a goose in the face didn't he?
  16. "He took a duck in the face at 250 knots". (Any William Gibson fans here?)
  17. I'll trade you your duck for my Michelin Man logo.
  18. Why are animals so stupid...
    I destroyed a seagull down Gippsland way on my way home from wilsons prom last November.
    i was hurling ass out down a short straight and a bloody seagull just swooped down in front of my bike, hit my front fairing, decent knock which no doubt killed it, then it came up over the front and smacked me in the middle of my helmet where it exploded. seagull feathers and seagull flesh went flying in all directions... I pulled over and there was no sign of the bird anywhere apart from the blood on my helmet. It stunk for weeks...