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I $%^&ing hate moving house!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gegvasco, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. As some will know, I am moving from Sydney to Canberra at the end of the year. I am starting to go through the machinations of household inventories, looking for somewhere to live, notifying change of address etc etc. Add to this the fact that a lot of the moving admin I have to do as a member of the ADF is with Government Departments seemingly devoid of the concept of customer service, and I have well and truly had enough! And I haven't even had the removalists turn up yet!

    I spent today house hunting in Canberra which involved a 4:30am wake-up in order to get to Canberra in time for the first open, and then the entire day spent crisscrossing Canberra in the cage. Between getting there and back, plus all the getting around while there, 800km later I'm fragged. Especially when most of the houses I turned up to were dumps yet there were still 40 people there for the 15 minute inspection window.

    Oh, and my last week at work in Sydney was quiet possibly the worst and most torrid week I have had in 2.5 years in that job. In comparison, the drudgery and boredom of XMAS suddenly seems inviting. As Dr. Smith would say "Ohhh, the pain"
  2. :( *hugs* don't run around like: :tantrum:
    stay safe
    and don't stress

  3. Mate, I feel your pain. In the last 18 years of my life, I've live in more than a dozen houses.

    We moved into our own home in January. Next stop for me, down the back, under the trees, feeding worms. I'm NEVER moving house again. :grin:
  4. completely understand your pain Greg
    we went RA when we moved from Darwin down here to Melbourne

    but Jan/Feb we are supposed to be organising to move back into a service residence
    ho hum
    least Defence pays for the pack up and move......its just the unpacking stuff :roll:

    Good Luck in finding a new home
    pity there is no live in accom in Canberra anymore
    though the Navy has some living in accom.

  5. Well, that little odyssey is pretty much over. Just got broadband back on. Here is the list of wonderful "experiences":

    Loading bay at units in Sydney blocked on the morning the truck arrives by illegally parked car. So removalists try to park in street and nearly demolish a tree to the disapproving looks of the neighbours.

    Removalists damage some furniture in trying to disassemble it.

    Removalists decide to do everything in one day which makes it a non-stop 12 hour event for me(was preparing stuff for 3 hours before they arrived)

    When I hire the "3-bike" trailer from Kennards to move the CBR and the Strom, I realise I can only get one bike on it in the centre track. So I have to make an additional 700km return trip to Canberra and back and another day spent moving the bikes.

    Just after I secure a rental property, work raises the limits for rent assistance by 30% but I have already signed a lease.

    Can't sleep the night before the drive down to Canberra from Sydney so hit the road at 1am for the 3 hour drive. Get no sleep at house on the floor prior to removalists arriving at 7am.

    Upon getting up at 7, realise that in the week the house has been vacant since taking ownership a Huntsman spider has spawned her entire brood of spiderlings onto the lounge room roof! All 100 of the f%^^ers. It was like something out of a horror flim and I had been trying to sleep on the floor for the previous 3 hours totally unaware! :shock:

    Remalists arrive and instead of trained guys, there is one trained boss and 3 blokes from a manpower hire firm who don't have a clue. They end up putting half the boxes in the wrong rooms despite my telling them where they were to go. My back subsequently packs it in after 2 hours of trying to sort this out.

    Two boxes go missing but the manifest written by the removalists isn't detailed enough to work out what was in them.

    The picture on my TV, while working, has a 5 degree list to port for some bizarre reason.

    The neighbours dogs bark at my every move, even inside the house.

    My lounge room furniture doesn't quite fit properly into the shape of the room available.

    The phone couldn't be connected until a technician came out and redid some wiring.

    I didn't get a good handover at work, nowhere near enough to know what I'm doing, but the word is out that I am in the seat so I am already getting pressed for answers by senior people.

    I FCUKING HATE MOVING!!! :tantrum:
  6. Your TV has been transported next to a magnet of some kind. Or is sitting next to a hifi speaker (if you have them)

    Should simply need to be degauzed. (de-magnitised)

    Cut the power to it - not put it in to standby but physically unplug it. Let sit for as long as possible and then switch her back on. Should be fine. Thats providing its a CRT television. If its plasma or LCD then you got another problem to add to that list.

    I hate spiders too. :p :LOL:
  7. Mate that sounds pretty epic! On the bright side, you've got some new twisties close by to have fun on :D I'll be down there a few times this year, come for a ride then :)
  8. Mate I feel your pain. I spent my time in the ADF too and oh yeah gotta love the removal companies they get. :roll: Every one of my moves was like that, always a massive pain in the arse.

    The only one that went well (read very well) was my discharge posting. That went smooth as! lol Oh and if it's just you and the Mrs and you get Perth or if in Perth you get an eastern states posting. Go the rail travel instead of air. I did and loved it! Went from Perth to Adl on the Indian Pacific. Gold Kangeroo (1st class). Was very good. Spent xmas day 2001 in the Middle of the Nullabour watching the sun come up over the plain. Wife loved it :wink: I think our son was even conceived on xmas day :shock:

    Nah removals almost always suck. It's just how hard that varies.
  9. Welcome to Canberra!

    Spiders suck. That is definitely a scene fitting for a horror movie... actually so is the whole moving debacle!

    If you need a hand with anything let us know, I'm sure we can round up a local crew to give you a hand! (where is qbnspeedfreak? He's usually our local delegator :LOL: )

  10. Every place I've moved into in Oz has had at least one of these. I think the agents leave 'em as part of their customer service :grin: .
  11. At least they're "friendly" spiders :LOL:
  12. Gregg, you should have asked, I would have given you a hand with at least some of that stuff, I had some spae time before xmas!
    Cold have easily caught a train up and riddin a bike down for example! (not a gay Honda though, the Strom yeah). :LOL:
    We have a good riding community down here, just ask next time!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. [-(
    With an avatar like that, do you also say that there is two o's in typhoon ????


    Its the above top secret stuff in his possession is the reason his move was done in a clandestine way ! :eek:
  14. Oh man, moving house -- especially interstate, is just the worst. Few years ago I moved from one house to the other in another suburb, then moved from there (Melbourne) to Brisbane, then from Brisbane back to Melbourne, then from the suburbs into Richmond.

    This is all within 2-3 years. -_-;

    Just don't over work yourself with all the moving and travelling.
  15. Moving house is like being fcuked in the arse by a Clydesdale. The only thing that can overpower the relieve of it ending is the dread of knowing it will one day happen again. :shock:
  16. Seany, you are a sick sick man. Moving house can be a joyous experience for all concerned. hare krishna.
  17. :LOL: Rog, It might be joyous for the utility companies who get to charge connection fees, disconection fees and then fail to do either on time, bt I can't see the joy for anyone else. :?
  18. Yeah. Secretly, I hate it too