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I increased my best "most good deeds in a day" score by 2 points today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. The new record is… 2! :rofl:

    During my morning commute I pointed out two police cars in traffic ahead of us to a scooter rider right when he was about to start filtering. Then while warming up the bike to go home, I showed a gentleman how to push start his bike when it wouldn't start up for him.

    This brings my overall karma score up to a decidedly improved -58,128!

  2. Is this a competition.....lol :beer:
  3. you are actually on 4 point as you get doube for helping fellow riders.

    Actually i just re read you are on 3.5 points as it was a scooter you helped!

    Im on 2 points as i pointed out a cop in the natio park on saturday
  4. I raced a WRX and a Hardley off the lights in one day and kicked both in the teefs.

    +1 point to me for each?
  5. Holy cow there was actually a copper in the nasho?
  6. saw 3 more today in the park (one undercover in a green holden)
  7. I don't know how many points this is worth, i held my self back from belting :blackeye:someone that thought it was funny to sit on my Rocket3 :furious:while i was having a pie at Harrys caf'e De Wheels at sydney City last night...............
  8. thats worthy of pontification MOB
  9. Nice work. :)

    Isn't filtering now explicitly legal in Victoria though?
  10. Unfortunately not. You can present a pretty fair case, but they can still give you a ticket if their ovarian silica buildup is getting out of hand. You could possibly fight it successfully, but… perhaps not.

    YOu definitely can't do it near the lights, because you'd have to cross the solid white line leading up to them.
  11. I was there on Sunday and heard they had the shire entry blocked off and were pulling all the bikes in and handing out defectz.. We took the waterfall exit to avoid it..

    I was going to stop for a bike on the M2 this morning that looked like he was broken down but then I saw a hot girl in a black dress talking to him so I figured he was probably more happy with her help (he could have been helping her who knows)
  12. And it's this reason that bike jackets should have crowbar sheaths sewn on the back

  13. that would piss anyone of us off, but we all know fighting solves nothing, only gets u in hot water, nothing else, so best to have your say and walk away
  14. If you do this to the LEFT of the right turn lane , then it qualifies under the passing on left for a right turning vehicle ?

    or not?
  15. It seems that there's always some "operation against the 2 wheelers" by the boys in blue at the national park, sometimes they'll even park @ stanwell tops & issue tickets for minor infringements like failing to have p plates. Why don't they just ask for a flat weekly fee? At least then we'd all know to expect it & probably then they can let riders enjoy the outdoors...](*,)