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i hope you run into a parked truck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fubarcbr, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. ok so yesterday i went for a ride up to glorius, now i wasn't going fast just having a nice cruise up the mountain just working on corner entry. i went from the gap through mt nebo, now half way up nebo i come around this corner and there is a ute coming around the corner the opposite way and all of a sudden this stupid f*&king c*#t overtakes him. he cliped my arm with his mirror it was that close.
    he was riding some blue and white thing, i didn't see properly. this was about 1pm in the arvo. i was lucky there was a little bit of a shoulder to move in to because if there wasnt it would have been a repeat of that movie where the guy crosses onto the other side of the road and hits another rider.

    i was going to turn around and find the sack of shit but thought i wasn't worth going to jail for beating him to death, and pushing his bike of the edge of the road.

    i hope who ever you are read this and realise what a f*#k wit you are and i honest to god hope you run into a parked truck before you kill someone.

    well that was my day at glorius

    edit: there fixed
  2. Ahhh, the small minority ruining it for other riders.
    Seriously, isn't it bad enough we have to consider other road users, without having to contend with weekend heroes as well?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Thank God for your good training and your reflexes, no thanks to mr throttle-jockey that you're still here to tell the tale.

    +1 Andrew, so true :roll:.
  4. hey now, no-one deserves the emotional affects of running over a squid. Hopefully when he/she DOES go down(because they will) they dont hurt anyone around them (or any innocent plant-life)
  5. Ok i agree with everyone above this guy is dangerous and gives all riders a bad name to people in cars, however asking that he/she is hit by a truck is wrong for two reasons. One truck drivers have a bad enough rep at the moment they don't want to be in the headlines two weeks in a row for taking down a rider (R.I.P buddy :( ), Second the pain that would cause to the driver just wouldn't be fair, lets just hope that near miss smacked some sense into him. If not the next time it happens to any of us, turn around and catch up to him (if it's safe to do so) and risk that trip to jail.

    Oh and don't push the bike over the side its a waste of a good machine its not the bikes fault just the F*&ck wit on it
  6. yeah wasn't a fun experience, felt kind of lucky.

    also makes me glad i was too poor to get a new jacket on sat, i went and looked at one. the one i have is pretty loose so when he hit it he just hit the loose part of the jacket.
  7. Well that's easy

    Blue + White + D1ckhead = Suzuki GSXR___

  8. nah it wasn't a gsxr. i think it was a bmw or something ugly like that
  9. Wrong, wrong, wrong..

    Blue + White + Black + D!ckhead = GSXR

    Blue + White + D!ckhead = R1/R6

  10. Hey dipshit the only ugly thing is your attitude to BMW's

    I concur with the rest of your story though :wink:
  11. haha

    i don't mean all bmw's are shit i quite like the look some of them. but the thing this twat was riding was and ugly piece of shit.

    i hope he reads this and feels bad then procceds to take a long walk of a short cliff. sorry but it is really starting to get to me. lucky i was working on my lines cause if i was just cruising around i would probably be a statistic
  12. Could have been rather frustrated at the ute driver not pulling over to let him pass when he's been on its arse for a while? Assuming a lot of things.

    It does suck that you've been hit and the rider should have picked a better spot to blast past.

    For those that don't know, the road along Mt. Nebo is quite a nice fun, twisty road with a single white line running along the centre of the road for most of the way. There only four or so short overtaking spots.

    Sometimes the cage traffic up there prefer to be selfish and not pull over to let the bikes sitting on their arse pass safely. These are usually the ones that travel at half the speed limit and in an unpredictable manner - Slowing down suddenly, crossing into the other lanes regularly, etc.

    I always give a wave and thumbs up to those who pull over!
  13. sounds like you shoudl buy a tatts ticket.....very lucky escape. Glad to hear you came out of it in one piece though. Did it do any damage to the mirror?
  14. it's all cool. racerboy's bike was picked up later that day.

    he asked me to tell you "no hard feelings, mate." :wink:
  15. Well, at least the rear shock spring is still recoverable... What happened to the rider? Track day?