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I hope this makes Motogp interesting

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Jun 21, 2011.

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  2. Hopefully. It was disappointing to see Rossi do so poorly at Silverstone. On the other hand, what if the frame is so awesome that the Dukes start running at the front? I don't want to see Casey's hopes smashed.

    If you're getting bored watching the races, may I suggest taking a leaf out of my book? All you need to do is get drunk, surround yourself with 5 or so equally drunk friends, and then yell at the tv at the top of your lungs for 50mins straight. It makes it seem like there's more happening
  3. When I get messy watching races, or trying to entertain myself while waiting for them to start, I wake up an hour before dawn, freezing, hung over, and unable to remember who won - let alone any of the good bits. I'd like to say this has only happened once or twice, but I'm not a very good liar.

    So far - with free prac 1 completed in heavy rain, and free prac 2 cancelled due to rain and bucket loads of oil on the track, due to one of the reliable and inexpensive honda crate motors for the GP2 class having a little regurgitate, -
    Simmo is good,
    Rossi + 0.360
    Stoner + 0.491
    Dovi + 0.604
    Loopy + 0.959
    Crotchlow + 1.350

    Overall times are about 14 seconds off the dry pace, so it's a bit early to read much into this, but Rossi is obviously feeling like he can get on with the job.
  4. you would hope something went well if he's using a 2012 frame. i didnt even think that was in the rules.
  5. No drama changing the frame in a prototype class. Better not be using next years 1000cc engine as well though :D
  6. Early days yet, but the frame and gearbox seem to have already made a difference. Compared to last race anyway.

    -- MotoGP 2011 - Round Seven - Assen
    Rain and oil cut short day one at Assen with FP2 cancelled

    The first day of practice at the Iveco TT Assen was shortened substantially when the afternoon practice sessions for all three categories were cancelled. Heavy rain during the first practice sessions claimed many riders in crashes, particularly in the Moto2 class which saw the heaviest rain. Italian rider Alex Baldolini inadvertently left a trail of oil over a considerable portion of the track when he reentered following a crash in the Moto2 session, which caused problems.

    The clean up work initially delayed the start of the FP2 125cc session, which was due to begin at 13:15, and then finally forced a full cancellation of the afternoon sessions when the MotoGP FP2 was unable to start, despite a team of clean-up trucks spending close to two hours scrubbing oil spilled over one third of the circuit.

    The session losses will be compensated for each class on Friday, where 125cc will have a one hour practice beginning at 8:40, MotoGP will have time extended to an hour and a half beginning at 9:50, and Moto2 will be on the track for an hour and five minutes with a start time of 11:30.

    Marco Simoncelli (San Carlo Honda Gresini Team) started the weekend off the best way possible, lapping 0.360s ahead of Ducati Team’s Valentino Rossi who is on board the GP11.1 Desmosedici for the Dutch TT. Completing the top three was Repsol Honda rider and series leader Casey Stoner, who was close to half a second down on Rossi in the morning practice session.

    The two Italians had tussled to lead the timings early in the session, swapping first and second fastest positions until the Australian stepped into the mix. All three pulled out fast laps at the close of the session, with Simoncelli coming out on top. The three were followed by Andrea Dovizioso (Repsol Honda) in fourth and Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha Factory Racing) in fifth.
    Cal Crutchlow, after breaking his collarbone only two weeks ago at his home Silverstone race, stuck in out for 13 laps to lay down a time that put him sixth in the standings.

    (Lifted from MCNEWS.COM.AU)
  7. The rules are really wide. The issue isn't whether they can use parts from next year, it's a prototype class after all, but the discontent is that they tested the 2012 bike a few weeks ago. Contracted riders are not allowed to test their bikes outside of the sanctioned tests. However the rules only apply to complete bikes and only bikes that are eligible for the Motogp class. As the 2012 bike isn't eligible for the 2011 season, you can test as much as you like, as long as it can't be raced in the current season. Technically, take an 800cc era bike, bore it out to 801cc and you could test all year long. Great loophole that no one has either tried exploiting or chose to exploit before.

    Testing bans suck.
  8. Hmmm. I seem to recall watching Stoner testing the 2012 bike. Who says they (Honda) haven't carried over some tech to the current 800,but just aren't admitting to it.
  9. Well, it seems that fancy fandangle frame did sweet FA. Rossi struggled hard to qualify in 11th.

    I guess this means that his move to ducati will ultimately be disappointing.
  10. Time for Rossi to retire I think.
  11. Rossi proved last season that he still has what it takes. Ducati on the other hand...
  12. I think Lorenzo had his measure last year even before his crash.
  13. I understood the 11.1 was a GP11 motor in a GP12 frame, but it seems that isn't it either. It's the full GP12, with a shorter stroke crank in it, and longer rods. Same bore, same deck height, more revs ...

    In fairness, new bikes are generally tested by their riders before their first race. This is a very new bike, and whilst Rossi's had a couple of goes of the GP12, he's never ridden it before with more revs and less torque. I'd expect it to race a bit better than it qualified. I'd also expect that if Rossi gets a sniff of a podium or something, the pace will pick up a bit. I suspect at the moment he's not going to risk his arse on something that's not going to get him above 5th.

    On the bright side - even if they can only slowly get it up to pace through the year, unless ducati develop another new bike for next year - remembering this IS next year's bike - then they'll be the only team on the grid who actually have (moderately) useful test data for every circuit after Assen. That has to be an advantage. They will also have had 2/3 of a season to test and develop their new bike, while the rest are starting cold.

    Qualifying times here are perhaps not a true indication of pace. Stoner, along with both the other Repsol hondas had a spill early in the qualifying session, due (Stoner says) to cold tyres. That rattled his confidence a bit, and given it's a cold day, left him struggling to get temp into them. You need a hot tyre to go hard, and you need to go hard to get a hot tyre, and if your confidence isn't quite there... Anyway, he had a bit of a go with a minute left and went so-so fast, but there was a mistake somewhere, so he kept the hammer down to do a second flyer, but the checker came out before he crossed the line, so ...

    More than one person has noted that the guys who usually don't go so well are doing well here - and that they're the big guys. The little pipe-cleaner guys are struggling, because they don't have the weight to fully heat the tyres. If it's cold again tomorrow, expect a good result from Spies, and quite possibly a win from Simmo - if he can stay on the freakin thing for once. He has the pace - he has the balls, and he has nothing to lose. Casey has the WC lead to protect, and won't be doing anything too crazy. If it's a few degrees warmer though, tomorrow, I wouldn't bet against another run-away Stoner win.

  14. My tip... Simoncelli leads for 8 laps then bins it. Pedrosa to cheer loudly.

    Spies for his first win, Stoner 2nd.

    Rossi to finish sometime Tuesday morning.
  15. Damn, wish I'd put a few bucks on that.
  16. But then it would've happened different.
  17. You are familiar with my luck then
  18. I'm familiar with mine.