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I hope im not that stupid...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mr Messy, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Ok im new here but had a run in today on the way home from work i thought id share.

    It was on a roundabout 18:50 this eve, the main roundabout at the end of the F3 intersecting with John Renshaw Drive between Newcastle and Cessnock.
    To make it easy to comprehend lets pretend the 4 entries to the roundabout are the 4 points of the compass.

    I was travelling into the roundabout from "South" and heading "East", on the inside lane in my car.
    An orange motorbike of some sort - i have no idea i had but a fleeting glimpse - was entering from the "West" and heading "South", apparently all that way around on the outside lane.

    I think you can see where this is going.
    I was in the roundabout and had just started to turn the wheel to the right to go around the top of the roundabout, and the bike decided to enter in the outside lane rather then sit behind me as the lane configuration dictates.
    Therefore in my mind that says to me he is going left or at worst straight and will wind up next to me exiting the roundabout.
    I put him out of my mind so i could get on with navigating the car around the roundabout, and looking at a truck that looked very tempted to dive out from the "North" entrance and cut everything off.
    Next thing i know a split second after i indicate left to exit the roundabout to the "East", the bike shoots across my nose.... missing by... oh.. 50cm if im generous?

    Needless to say i had a moment of =D> at him, and went on our merry ways.

    Messy not like! [-(

  2. I tried to read your story but it just confused me. If it was an orange bike then it was most likely cool.

    chances are it was a ktm or kawasaki. as you were.
  3. i think he means like this. Sorry about the dodgey paint job but itll do

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  4. You got it in one Royalla! :p
    Made sense to two of us heheh :).
  5. yep :D i had the same thing happen not too long ago so i knew exactly where you were going!
  6. Thanks for making me feel like an idiot Royalla,

    There i was reading this post, creating a visual image, trying to remember where all the line markings were, and who did what...Finally figured to out (didnt take me that long) and i look down and see a lovely drawing of it.
  7. hahaha :rofl: no worries :D
  8. ahh, that makes sense.
  9. In hindsight i should have got the crayons out myself :p.
  10. Yup, the outside (leftmost) lane when heading west to east on that roundabout is marked Left and Straight only. Google Maps ftw :) So silly move Mr Anonymous Rider in assuming the slow car in front of you (OP) was doing a 180 change of direction around the traffic island.

    That said, had you collided with him you would likely find yourself sharing a percentage of fault - perhaps quite a lot more than the rider. To exit in that manner from the lane you entered in necessitates a lane change (innermost to outtermost) as part of the exit from the roundabout. Yes, you are not actually meaning to stay in the outside lane however you do enter, travel through and exit said lane on your way out and thus you have changed lanes. ISTR the law states one must change lanes only when it is safe to do so. An impact occuring makes your lane change unsafe by definition.

    Just something to think about.

    *edit* Love the avatar Mr Messy :)
  11. Thats why roundabouts suck. The laws are just too variable. Too many come into play on them.

    Avatar, well Mr Messy is actually pink but i thought hmm.... no im going to make him less of a girly Mr and made him blue :). Took all of 5 min to put him on the bike and 5 min more to put a scene behind him :D.
  12. technically iirc there should only ever be 1 vehicle in a roundabout at once, as you must give way to any vehicle in the roundabout.

  13. "Give way" does not mean "wait for". If you are able to safely enter the roundabout without risk of a collision then you may do so.

    The roundabout laws really are quite simple.

  14. In the original post it is not clear if there is any advisory sign or road markings advising where the lanes direct the flow of traffic.
  15. I just pointed out that it wasnt allowed in the lane configuration, didnt elaborate, but that was what i meant.