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I honestly though I was a goner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Going through my local run this afternoon, I had a mother of a tankslapper. Was coming around a 55 kmh corner and bang, started small and turned severe very quickly. Went on for so long - about 2 seconds i think, felt like 30) that I thought I was coming off, as I keep hearing about this point of no return business. All I know is that I held on with a death grip trying desperately to hold it straight. By the time it regathered I was coming off the road onto leaf litter and dirt beside the road.

    Panic is a funny thing. It's as sharp as anything but all fuzzy at the same time. I can't even remember which corner it was now, though I think I know now/have worked it out. I'm not sure what started it, but I think it was from corner or two before when I overtook a car and something about the car bothered me - had some of the signs of an unmarked but also signs of definitely not an unmarked, so I wasnt to focused on the road ahead. I think this led to taking a bad/wide line into a corner that I know is a bit suspect with a bump and I usually try and stay as tight as possible for it. I was also going a few k's faster than usual, advisory of 55, so doing 55 on the dot rather than 50-51. I think its more of the first and less of the second, but i'll certainly be paying more attention and slowing down next time.

    Im going to go clean myself up now.
  2. Sore wrists from the tank slapper? Sounds like you got lucky... My understanding was that you should relax the arms in the event of a tank slapper?

    I've had a couple first time I stiffened up and crashed, second time I all but let go and the bike sorted itself out.

    Good to hear it worked out OK.
  3. wrists not too bad, thumb is saw though I sprained it 2-3 weeks ago.
  4. good save, by the sound of it. my only tankslapper was at 100kph plus on a straight road, with a series of 'stutter bumps', and i was down before I had a chance to understand what was happening :(.
  5. Yeah, relax your arms so the suspension can 'do its job'. My 929 is evidently a big fan of shaking its head.. happened the other week doing putty, despite my chin being an inch off the tank and resting my weight on the tank! Probably shouldn't have taken off the steering damper :tantrum: although its kind of fun after a while.. =D
  6. hmmm when i crashed off a tank slapper i tried the death grip and went down.... Although i have to say it was a very bloody violent one! The most recent event was from setting a wheelie down with the bars a bit crooked and i just relaxed and maintained throttle and the bike was back under control quicksmart.

    So in my experience i'd vote the relaxing and minimising the inputs opposed to trying to fight the slapper. When they get going they fuggin get going!