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"I hit that fence for your sake!"

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mr Messy, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Well, fresh on the heels of the only out of the ordinary thing ive just recently posted about someone doing a u-turn in front of me comes this:

    Myself, my mrs and the old boy - we all rode down to wisemans ferry on our bikes yesterday, had a burger at the convict kiosk, chilled out for half an hour or so, and came home.
    All good for the most part except what is below... and the stupid weather which pissed it down from mangrove mountain to wisemans and back again - literally 100m from where it started on the way down it ended on the way back... but the wet weather gear performed admirably so no real complaint there...

    The 'below' part is this:
    I was leading the pack after wollombi on the way home, and in the early stages of heading in toward cessnock, we were behind an old red toyota 4wd. I was sitting a reasonable distance off his ass - at least 2 seconds or so for the most part, and he was doing 65kph instead of the allowed 80kph.
    I was patiently waiting for the opportunity to overtake that i knew was about 3km ahead.
    A few times he sped up on a straight to 80, and slowed down on a corner to 50ish, which naturally brought me closer to him as i let the bike slow, but all in all i felt i was following at a perfectly safe distance from someone who didnt know the road, and couldnt maintain a speed.
    I closed up at speed (80kph to his 60) as we approached the broken line section for overtaking - have to have a run up on a 250 ;p - when all of a sudden the 4WD veers off the road into a ditch and a fence post.....

    Naturally we all stop too and run back to see all is ok, thinking perhaps he had passed out or something... and we were greeted with this red faced angry man saying he did that for our sake because if he didnt, we would have had an accident... (almost exact words...).

    The three of us just looked at each other and frowned.

    After a few irate moments, he demanded my insurance and registration info etc.
    On the spot i refused to provide with the details as i was not in the slightest involved with his running off the road and hitting the fence, only providing my mobile number if 'you need me to tell your insurance company how you drove off the road and hit a post'.
    Following that he promptly made threats of calling the police and having them follow it up, and how i was riding dangerously and caused him to fear for his life etc. His 4WD was fine except for some damage to the front bull bar and just under it.

    Basically, we looked at each other, looked at him, told him he is an idiot and he needs to realise what he did was about the stupidest thing ever, crashing so someone cant overtake him... got back on our bikes and left.

    After talking about it we decided it was prudent to visit cessnock police station and report what had happened, and provide the details of dad and the mrs that they agree completely with what i said, in the event that he attempts any sort of claim through me using my rego plate.

    Did i handle that right or should i have picked up whats left of the fence post and beaten some brains into him?
  2. Did you give your details AND MAKE A STATEMENT to the police?

    Were you PROVIDED A COPY of said statement?
  3. Holey crap what a douche! I've noticed that alot of cars pull off the road at absolutely ridiculous times when they decide when they want to be passed. I know they think that they're doing you a favor but they're not and they're putting everyone at risk as you saw today.. If a car wants to aid you in passing all they have to do is not plant it on the bext straight! I've had cars pull to the side on blind corners and I just won't take the bait.
  4. How bloody odd. Sounds like the guy should be off the road permanently anyway.
  5. Quite a distubed chap by the sounds of it!

    Mind you not AS disturbing as Bretto's AV :shock:

    Fun Ha!
  6. Drugs are bad, m'k ?

    Reckon you did the right thing, Mr Messy.
  7. wtf would him calling the cops achieve? Single vehicle accident means he'd be bent over the fence he crashed into and rammed?
  8. Someone tried to scam me years ago, slightly different circumstances, but I was lucky that I'd given the wallopers a statement and that I had a pretty clean record.
  9. Smokae i didnt get a copy of the report, but have a report number for any future reference.

    edit: I must confess i was far too busy thinking about what happened and trying to work out what i did wrong in the next few km i nearly ran off the road from being in the totally wrong position for a recommended 55kph corner :p.
    Still convinced i did nothing wrong even in hindsight of 3 riders... so morally im good.
  10. I can't see what you did wrong either Messy - I do the "250 run-up" too on occasion, and I can't see how it would concern a 4WD; he should have seen you in his mirrors miles ago and expected it...
  11. He sounds like a chancer. I think you handled it as well as you could have.

    Somebody driving in front of us today also thought he was doing us a favour by driving almost off the road to let us overtake him. His car was picking up all kinds of stuff and I wish I could tell him to either pull over completely or get the hell back in the lane. It's not as if a bike needs a lot of space to overtake.
  12. Somehow i didnt see this earlier mate!
    (and sorry to hear about your minor bingle too!).

    You got it in one, cagers were pulling off the road all day to let us past - awesome, nice to see it for us to have a better run. Always gave a wave of thanks and motored on.
    This guy though... i really couldnt believe he decided to ditch it at the speed he was doing, much less into a ditch and fence post. We all could have safely passed at the broken line, or he could have pulled over about 200m ahead at a nice little safe gravel spot. *shrugs*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    edit: I do wonder if he went and saw the property owners and told them he just mangled their fence... :-s. Funny how i only just thought of that now :D.
  13. Unreal.

    Mr Messy, I think you'd better go out and inspect your bike RIGHT NOW ... it appears someone has attached a Shit Magnet to it without your knowledge :)

  14. he probably took his eyes off the road ( maybe watching you pick up speed in his mirror ), then veered off the road. Being quick on his feet, then tryed to blame you guys when you ran up to him.

    Could be my imagination, but more people move over when I wear my full leather race suit, than they do if I am in my textile get-up???
  15. What an idiot...

    I cannot even fathom what this dude was thinking... What rider would cause a crash? Especially against a 4wd which are called "pedestrian killers" for a reason.

    What a goose...
  16. Id say you got it in one. Too busy watching me instead of the road.
  17. Re: "I hit that fence focrash as they supposedlyr your sake!"

    When will people learn. A good mate is an Ambo driver. He has so many stories of cars almost causing him to crash as they try to get out of the road.
    The stupid thing is most of us have to power to weight to take them any time we please. If they would just stay where they are there would be no problem.
    We need more driver ed.
  18. He sounds like he might have had a few too many at the Wollombi Pub. Any evidence of it?
  19. Hahaha, best story I've heard today.
  20. I reccon he sounds like an AM radio listener so concerned about what everybody else in the world is doing wrong, he doesn't realise he himself is part of the problem.