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I hit a Biker and i don't care!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by saj, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. I was surfing the ol' local soccer/football forum to find out the latest, when i find this...

    Scroll down


    Now i don't know what happen, but the guys attitude is a worry.
    It just reinforces to me that we motorcyclists ,in drivers eyes ,are in the wrong when we are flattened, in this case T-boned.
    He may have been tailing at night maybe not ,but bragging about it sends a
    very ordinary message. :(
    This is what we are up against folks.

    "He was wearing black officer.."
  2. Pfft, what an idiot.

    He said what happened himself. major case of IDSY without the SM. Turned after the car went past without seeing the bike and clobbered him.

    One thing doesnt match up. If the rider was tailgating, to be able to hit the rider, the driver turning into his street would have almost been hitting the car going past. If he was tailgating, he would have gone past without being hit.

    Nup, he was further behind. The other driver just couldnt be bothered looking properly.

    At least he's gonna get 3 points and nice fine for neg driving.

    EDIT: He left his number plate showing. Someone make up a fakie and do some runs past speed cameras. Then send him a card with "from riders everywhere, best wishes" or similar. Quickly, before the car gets written off.
  3. Yeah, that's how I read it too, the dude screwed up and is somehow trying to pin it on the motorcyclist :evil:
  4. his statement in that post makes it clear he was at fault. I'd say the rider was doing everything right except avoiding a person who obviously believes he/she is a better driver than his/her actions indicate. If anyone knows the rider, I hope they pass on the link.
  5. Yeah the guy's clearly a fvckwit.

    Basically he drove across traffic when it wasn't safe and it's everybody else's fault but his.

    It's numpties like this that do reinforce the need to be vigilent, visible, have a good road presence. You can't assume that people on the road have brains. This tosser for example.
  6. I say Bullshit.

    So he's stationary, nails it after a car goes past and collects a tailgater??? :jerk:
    The tailgater would have been a fair way back to hit them from a standstill.

    I reckon that's the excuse he gave his nanna after wrecking her car.
  7. Worst part about crashing your mothers car - making up an excuse to make out like it wasn't your fault. :p
  8. they'll probably fine the dead rider for bad driving.
  9. Infuriating. It's amazing how one's mind can adapt and justify it's actions (i'm mainly referring to the statement about how all of the rider's gear was black) even though it's clear that the driver was at fault.

    The simple fact that the driver insinuated the rider was at all at fault reinforces the lack integrity of a frightening proportion road users and their inability to admit to a mistake. It also reinforces the fact that we need to ride defensively and make ourselves a clearer object/target on the roads.
  10. i am not sure of using the words "target on the roads" is reassuring. I am trying to be an obstacle to be avoided!
  11. His plate is in the photo.
    Contact police, link them to the thread, nail him??
    Thoughts or could this complicate things for the rider?

    EDIT: his plate if it gets removed, BA 59 DX, NSW, White Suzuki small car.
  12. the rider died?? I bloody hope not.

    edit: "I wasn't charged at the scene of the accident nor have I been charged with anything as of nearly a week and a half later. "
    Why not :evil:
  13. its purely a guess, its not mentioned.
  14. Don't forget to take note of the thread people's, 2007 in case you didn't notice. Geeth if you see this thread can you share more light on whether he got done or not. I would think he would have gotten a surprise in mail at some stage.
  15. look at the post date dude
  16. To the 2 posters above - First post of his car dated "27-06-2009, 10:28 AM ". Only about a week ago.

    (hope the rider is OK).
  17. obviously the rider wasnt tail gateing but what's with the all in black garbage. were the buildings, trees, other cars, etc all in black as well? ffs

    i've always thought black is one of the better colours for being seen (excluding the obvious exceptions such as at night on country roads and compared to fluoro gear).
  18. that is a truly piss poor attitude from that guy, if the NSW coppers don't book him there is something seriously wrong. Is there a way we can apply pressure to ensure it's looked at seriously? I think we need to start making sure these types of drivers get charged otherwise they will never learn.

    He has absolutely no remorse about it what so ever.
  19. meh, cops agreeing with him? I dont know what that crap is. They follow it by the book - doesnt matter if he was tailgating or not, wearing black or not, the driver hit the rider because he didnt see the rider, so it is the drivers negligence and they will play it accordingly. I will be very surprised if he does not end up with a fine. Remember, it is an internet forum, he can say whatever he wants with no bearing to the truth. Cops may have dragged his balls over coals for all we know.

    As for not his headlights not being on ??? :---) :jerk: :busting:

    His entire story has holes riddled all through it, and called out as such
  20. The cops will be just waiting for the blood test of the rider before giving the driver a ticket.

    Still he won't believe it's his fault.