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I hit a bike : I bought a bike : I'm selling a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Well this is three stories in one from the last 24 hours.

    Last night I was going out to dinner and it had just got dark. Jumped in the car and put it in reverse, and moved a small amount then heard a large crash. What I hadn't noticed was a scooter parked almost against my boot that I hadn't seen.

    So I picked it up off the road and collected the busted plastic bits and left them on the seat. I then went door knocking the houses near where it was parked and eventually found the guy who owned it and told him I'd hit his bike.

    The only bit that actually broke off the bike is the 'bark buster' bit that protects the scooter riders fingers. So I've got to make some called and try and find a ZOOT place and hopefully it won't cost too much.

    Anyway so I woke up early this morning because I had finally found a bike that fit my description after two months of looking. I'd been on bikesales almost every day and finally found a 2007 model DRZ400SM in NSW. (The MadAss has been outgrown)

    It was down in Moss Vale so it took an hour or two to get there with my mate driving my car. My cars outside temp gauge dropped from 22C down to 11C by the time we got there and rain was looking imminent.

    Turned up and the guy was a really good old bloke (55YO) with 3 bikes in the garage - a big BMW, an even bigger Harley and the DRZ. He just used to to go for trips when he didn't want to wheel the big bikes out.

    He wheeled it out and I took it up the street and for a quick 5 min ride, then came back and handed him the cash. It has 1300km on it, 12 months rego, Ventura rack, full staintune system, bark busters and heated handgrips - he was asking $6,900 and I got it for $6,700. It is immaculate and even has the protective plastics still over the speedo etc Not a bargain, but I think a fair price for all involved.

    So set off for Sydney and 2km later it came to a spluttering stop - no fuel! So I flicked it reserve and made my way to the nearest servo.

    Filled her up then onto the highway as it started to rain - and it was COLD! This was my first try of heated handgrips and I'll never go back! I was a bit nervous riding a new bike in the rain down the highway but my mate was awesome and drove behind me so no other cars could get on my ass. I was taking extra notice of those HIGH WIND AREA signs. Everytime I saw one I was almost blown out of my lane!

    Was meant to be heading to Illawong but got lost and split from my friend in my car so I headed home (without keys, phone, wallet) and sat on the steps waiting for my wife to get home (who didn't know I was buying a bike)

    She gets used to me buying cars because I buy 3 or 4 cars a year for mightycarmods.com but she wasn't expecting a bike in the driveway.

    So she is looking at it from front on and says "What a strange brand of bike - at least they're honest"

    "What do you mean?" I ask

    "Well" she replies, "It says BANK BUSTERS on the front of the handle bars"

    Which brings us to story number three - My Sachs MadAss 125 is now for sale. 390km with 6 months rego and warranty to go. It's on ebay for $1 with no reserve in Sydney. You know you want it!

    <MOD EDIT: Sorry buddy no ebay or outside selling links. I'm sure people can find it on ebay if they need to.>

    Look forward to seeing some of you guys around! Say hello if you see a very excited fellow on a Super Motard!

  2. Looks like a very fun bike, and you look suitably excited! :LOL:

    You'll miss your Sachs one day, I warn you (not that you'll regret the upgrade). I miss my old postie :cry:
  3. i'll give you $2 :grin:
  4. I love the pic :LOL: Congrats on the new bike, and living near Moss Vale I can tell you that is now even colder and windier and wetter. Any people worried about global warning should come and live in the Southern Highlands for a while :cool:
  5. The moral is "Don't park too close behind cagers." :LOL:

    Congrats on the new wheels.
  6. they are a fine beast.
  7. Bike looks hot!Your not BORAT'S love child are you? :LOL:
  8. Sacha Baron Cohen gets a motard! Congrats mate, I adore the pic, you look like one very happy dude :LOL:
  9. Congrats on the new wheels moog. That's a helluva 24hrs for you.

    Couldn't help myself, had to be the first to bid on your madass. Doubt I'd get it for the price I put, unless you're happy to end it now. :grin:
  10. i like you, you knocked over a scooter, thanks you.

  11. $1,500 worth of extras, nearly new bike - good price.

    Enjoy :cool:
  12. Congrats !!!!

    .. I was thinking the EXACT same thing :LOL:
  13. I know you! You're the guy who jumps in the air on Toyota ads.
    Mind you the grin is slightly disconcerting - makes we wonder if its the pyscho smile or the glad smile. :grin:
  14. Thats a great photo- the kind that just makes you smile when you look at it. you look so happy! well done!

    hey, enter that in the photo comp- it may win.
  15. how do you ride the bike without a left hand?
  16. Veryyyyyy nicccceeee! I like!
  17. Went for three rides yesterday.

  18. ^^^^^^^^


    Too much time on your hands smidge :p
  19. love the pic, one of the best new bike pic ever :LOL: great story as well, what a day you had, congrats