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I highsided - Damage Pics up

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by 7THSIN, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Well, after taking weeks to prepare this GSXR600 for the track, we headed out this morning.

    Towards the end of the 3rd session I was feeling confident, the bike was moving around under me and I was comfortable with my rythym, I was getting on the gas earlier and harder every lap to get a good drive into the straights.
    Coming out of turn 2 at ~90kmh, a medium length 180° turn I wound the throttle on too much while at full lean, the rear end spun up and slid out a looooong way, would have been near the steering stop... then it grabbed.
    The next thing I know my head's about 5ft in the air and my feet are pointing at the sky, I watch the ashphalt rush past below me and think "well it was going to happen sooner or later, I hope this doesnt hurt too much"

    I hit the ground on my right hand side, hip and forearm mostly by looking at the leathers, the medical report says I went head over heels 3 times but I only remember the sliding part, which was oddly, quite relaxing :?
    The bike hit me at one stage from behind, but I think I slowed it and it just pushed me a little further across the track.
    I came to a stop on the infield and looked to check that I had actually stopped, stood up and checked movement of my limbs, at the time my only injury was a sprained wrist. My lid never touched the ground, and the leathers dont need repairing, I didnt even get winded, so the back protector did its job me thinks :)

    The bike:
    Smashed windscreen
    Shattered front brake resivoir
    bent bar end
    Snapped steering stop
    Dented tank :(
    Bent oggy bolt
    Bent rear brake lever
    Snapped footpeg
    Scratched exhaust and fairings

    Mostly 'cosmetic' but it will be going to the frame straighteners to be sure, and to have steering stop repaired.
    Could have been alot worse, and I consider myself lucky to walk away with a sprained wrist and some bruising given the speed, height and suddenness of the crash (it would have been about 1/2 a second between the rear spinning up and me being airborne, I didnt even have time to sh!t myself let alone stand the bike up and try and gas it back into line.

    I've got 6 weeks before the next trackday, which gives me plenty of time to get the bike repaired, and I will be careful at full lean from now on :p

    Learnt this one the hard way!
  2. shit eh, most people learn the hard way.

    You will be back on the track in 6 weeks, its all good :)
  3. shoulda have spun it up with even more gas and stood it up out of the corner for a masterful full-lean wheelie :p :LOL:

    Ahhhh hindsight is wonderful. Good to hear your alright though.

    Good luck with the repairs etc :)
  4. Sorry to hear that 7, that Suzuki was look pretty hot from those shots you posted on the Kwacky forum.

    Highsides are fun aren't they! Obvioulsy it all happened very quickly but do you think you could have saved it if you'd wipped the clutch in after it started getting out of line?
  5. Nah doubt it, the rear was too far out of line, clutching would have made it grab anyway and still thrown me off.

    I'll put up some pics tomorrow, i'm too sore at the moment, and typing with one hand is a pain (insert punchline here)
  6. Good to hear you came out of it O.K.
    Did that ding in the frame that it had when you got it hold up?
  7. Yeah the frame's OK the oggy's took the beating.

    Definately going to the straighteners now though :p
  8. Oh damn, man. After all that hard work you put into the bike. Thats gotta suck, big time.

    Glad you're mostly ok though.

    Thats the trouble when these kind of things happen, they happen so damned quickly, you've really got no chance to think, let alone do anything about it.

    Hope you get the bike back on the go before the next track day, and that your injuries don't give you too much grief!
  9. At least you did it in style! :cool: Not one of those 'nancy boy' low-sides. :)
  10. Hehe, yeah my fear of crashing has somewhat diminished since this morning, it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be :wink:
  11. damn! first time the bikes been on the track?
    yep track days can hurt the back pocket more than yourself
  12. I've just read TOTW2 and I'm starting to agree with Code - everything from over-run corners to the news that my g/f's mother is visiting can be solved simply by opening the throttle.

    Genuine question (would I troll?) - what's the principle behind whipping in the clutch to bring the bike back into line and prevent a highside?
  13. Hey 7TH, glad to hear you survived this heart-stopper. At racing speeds it all happens very quickly, but it's good to read that you were disecting it while it was happening. That means your brain was keeping up.

    Let's hope the repairs are speedy and not too expensive, and that your wrist heals up 100%; we've got too many one-handed typists around Netrider at the moment :LOL:
  14. I was going to ask the same question!

    The way I understand it is when the rear has come that far out of line, the only way to prevent a highside is to gas it even more or hold the throttle steady and ride the slide out. This is because whipping the clutch in would obviously cease drive to the rear wheel, causing the wheel to stop spinning up, and because you are sliding sideway, it's gonna suddenly grip and buck you off???

    Anyway, glad to hear that you are alright 7. It must've been heart breaking to see your new baby get all scratched up on her virgin track ride, after you put all that hard work in over the last 2 months.
  15. as others have said mate, main thing is you dont have nothing too serious happen to you! bike can be repaired.Take care mate and best of luck next time at the track :)
  16. Hey there, I was at the actually at the track and saw your accident, not good, least u faired ok and will be ready to go again in six weeks,
    My boyfriend was actually out on the track at the time and remebers seeing your windshield or somthing like that laying in the middle of the corner....
  17. Glad you're ok, Sinner.

    Careful of that bike, sounds like it likes being worked on. :p
  18. The positive from this is that you did it on a race track where the chances of being cleaned up by a following or on coming car is ZERO and the chances of finding something to hit while flying or sliding is pretty slim.

    Good to see the PPE did it's job and saved you from nothing more serious than a bruised pride.

    Of course now that you've tried crashing and found it over rated you can get on with some serious racing now :p
  19. aaagghhrr I feel your pain at the moment mate! Good to hear all your gear held up and did its intended job.

    Not so good about the bike, especially since it was looking great before you took it out.

    Oh well, live you learn lol :)
  20. Damage assessment

    Scuffed knees, right thigh, ass, arms, shoulders and back.
    Melted badges on thigh on both forearms.
    Small hole in right arm kevlar stretch panel.
    No torn stitching or holes in leather anywhere, not even a thin spot :)

    One small hole near big toe, has worn through leather to plastic
    Lots of abrasion on heel/calf and toe sliders
    Scuffed leather on tops of feet

    Scuffed and torn palm on left glove, didnt tear through to skin though

    Not a scratch, how lucky am I!

    Back protector-
    No visible crushing but must have done its job, the impact didnt even wind me.