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"I heard there are some mods about!"

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mattb, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. -a line from a rocker in the film Quadrophenia. While waiting for a mate and eating donuts at Launching place just after 12pm last Sunday, this bunch of mods whizzed past, like a swarm of wasps, all fishtail parkers and mod targets. When we got into Warburton (east of Melbourne) the scooters were parked and the cowardly mods were nowhere to be seen. Were you one of them??



    Some more here http://picasaweb.google.com/damiensawyer/MtDonnaBuang

    Anyway, a really nice show of restored mod-inspired Vespas. In all seriousness, I'd love to chat to anybody who was involved.

  2. You've reminded of the classic scene where Jimmy and the girl wake up under the pier to find they've been unknowingly sleeping in the midst of a gang of rockers... p*ssed myself laughing.
  3. Thats nothing! Went past a whole bunch of scooters one time.. They must have had about 30 chrome headlights on every scoot! Not to mention about 20 chrome mirrors :S
  4. That's the scene Titus, though it's the comic relief - Jimmy's two mates - who wake up there (can't remember their names). Very funny scene! :) What a great film - I just wish there were more riding scenes, especially a bit more of the rockers, or rather of their bikes....
  5. Your memory is better than mine!
    I CAN remember thinking "I probably identify more with the mods, but really (when I see the bikes and leathers) it's the rockers I want to be like.
  6. So the mods were frightened of the big tough rocker! Nothing new there, bloody pansy boys :LOL: :LOL:

    OH my dad was a rocker and inside me there is one fighting to get out :cool:
  7. and Lambrettas. People can get quite sensitive about that :wink:

    There is a vintage only group in Melbourne, it may have been (some of) them.
  8. We are the Melbourne Crusaders. I can't post the website, but google us (www melbournecrusaders com). And yes, there were a mixture of Vespa's and Lambretta's that day.
  9. Cool! So which bike is yours?
    Interested in co-organising a (low-organisation) mods and rockers run? :)
  10. Count me in for that, you mod girly-boys!
  11. Cheers for that ScootaChic, might pop by with my friend one day. She's a new rider, bought a Bolwell but is gagging to go vintage asap.
  12. Quaterwit, do you think just us two could take this lot on, or should we get a third rockin' fist involved? (NB they might pull out the deck chairs - you saw what happened at Brighton!)

    The enemy:

  13. Matt's memory is better than yours Titus because he's obsessed with everything rocker/mod. I can't confirm this, but I secretly suspect that he watches Quadrabloodystupidscooterafenia at least once a week... ;-)
  14. In your 1st photo, there is a cream and red lambretta in the foreground, that is one of our scooters.

    My main rides are a 2005 Vespa PX and a 1966 Vespa GL (I would post photos, but I'm not allowed yet, being a newbie). In the family are also the 1958 Lambretta Series 1 Li 150 (in your photo), 1964 Vespa VBB, 1956 Vespa GS160 (to be rebuilt) and a 1966 Fuji Rabbit HiSuper 90 (to be restored).

    The Crusaders would love to get together for a mods and rockers run. Contact either Sam or Steve on the website to organise.
  15. Feel free to pop by, but don't mention the Bolwell!! The Crusaders are strictly a classic and geared scooter club only. No twist and gos' (TNG's), tupperware, plastic fantastics, etc. allowed. I'm just warning you now, the guys are very passionate about that.