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I have some Tecnik Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dastrix, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. I got from Sydney City motorcylces and would have about 400kms on them, hardly used imo. I paid $100 from memory and the thumb stitching is coming apart - am I in my right to return them for something decent? They are basically brand new!

    I have the box & proof of purchase
  2. Yes, how long ago did you purchase them?

    If you have no luck with the people you bought them off, I would write to the Australian wholesaler and Tecnik themselves. They are meant to be one of the best gloves and considering how much they cost I would be very angry if they started to fall apart after 400kms use.
  3. Well I got my bike 3 weeks and 6 days ago, so that would mean they are under 1 month old.

    Ill go over and ask to replace them, I think ill go for something a bit better quality. Bit disappointing!
  4. didn't i say to get A* :?
  5. this is interesting!

    i was recently in an mc store, that shall be remained nameless and was looking at purchasing gloves.

    not interested in the cheap crap we moved onto the technics. usual spiel about quality and whatnot and how they would last. he was adament that they would last. went to another store and got a very different take on the same pair!

    anyhoo, for that kinda coin i'd be seriously pissed!

    i eventually went with the A*.
  6. They arent falling apart totally but about 3-4cm of the stitching on the thumb is coiming apart

    see pic

  7. i was actually referring to the $200+ pair! :shock:

    so, has that thread just popped out from the stitching or is it just extra material that's just come loose?

    if it the latter, it's not a drama, imo.
  8. thread has popped out..
  9. Took them back and got some Astars GP Pros. Took them home, put em on and WOW a big hole in the inside of the finger, great! Brand new. WHAT SHIT

    Alpinestars gloves are fcuking terrible. On the palm side of the fingers only a 2mm piece of leather protects the backside of your fingers. Pathetic

    Took them back and got some Teknik Violators. Got a good price too are being dicked around
  10. can't please everybody. hey
  11. Well, I dont anyone WOULD be pleased with 2 pairs of gloves with defects :)
  12. I definitely wouldn't be pleased :evil: