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I have purchased a Shoei x-11 helmet from the USA

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jayray, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. after getting my learners a month ago I recently went to buy my first helmet. After trying on about 20 different brands/models, the only one that fit me was an x-11, priced at over $1000. After searching the web I ordered one online, which cost me A$650, a significant saving. I was unaware that by not having an AS sticker that this helmet is illegal to use in Australia.
    Does anyone know if I can have this checked and approved? What are the risks by wearing this helemt on the road? Do the police check for the Aust. Standards approval? Anyone have a similar story?

  2. Forget getting it checked and complied dude. Not a chance in hell of doing that. As has been suggested on here many many many many many times before, you "could" buy a bicycle helmet and try remove the sticker from that and place it on your shoei.

    And yes, the cops do spot checks on helmets. I read somewhere on here that they were out in force doing this recently in Reefton or the Spur?

    Up to you if you chance it or not.

    Nice $$$ saving btw....
  3. I had a solo cop come into work on Saturday.

    His mission for the weekend was to cruise up and down beach road for his entire shift and ping the "Mario's" on their bikes doing wheelies and speeding/racing. He'd got one that afternoon doing 193 in a 60 zone.

    Some people are just plain fcuked.

    Another part of his mission was to pull over all of the Harley riders and ping them for wearing the "peanut shell" helmets that do not have the compliance sticker. $135 fine and 3 points babeeeeeee

    He told me that they are checking for the stickers and for the sewn labels inside the lid as well, it all needs to be there for it to comply.

    They are going to be relentless this summer. They need to fill Brumby's pockets.
  4. I still find it really stupid that they can do you for wearing a helmet without a label.. I mean you can get one from overseas and spend 650 bucks to get a far superior helmet than if you spent that kind of money here... Its MORE safe..

    A cop who did you for that deserves their throat cut... If it does happen to you, you know my number ;)
  5. It's not just a police matter anymore.
    Any insurance company can decide not to pay out if you are found to be wearing a helmet that does not have the AS sticker...Some companies are now asking to see your helmet when making a claim.
  6. I would have thought that if we don't like the law, we get stuck into those who MAKE the laws, not those who simply ENFORCE them??
  8. Bicycle helmets have a different approval number, not AS1698.
  9. well i guess you just bought yourself a nice door stop.....oh btw how can it be that only one model helmet fits your head? Sorry mate but i find it hard to believe that this is the only helmet that fit properly.....
  10. You could try contacting the manufacturer or the body that issues the standard in question. This helmet has obviously been approved for use in Australia, if its just a matter of a sticker (or a letter rather) then i hope the only problem you'll face is the "red tape"...that could take some time however

    alternatively go to a bike shope and "swap" their helmet for your when noone's looking ;oP

    don't get caught either way
  11. hehehe, i like your thinking :)
  12. I can send the helmet back, but such a shame, its an awesome helmet, especially for $650.

    Does every AS sticker have its own individual serial number? A used/damaged shoei helmet might just do the trick. I wonder how easily they peel off......and adhere back on?
  13. Not always that simple I'm afraid, manufacturers/importers sometimes need to modify a helmet in certain ways to make them meet local standards, unless you know if this has happened then you're up the creek still.
    If you can get the sticker off, and it's a BIG if, you could always just buy a shitter for $80 and use the sticker from it? You would still be financially ahead. Or maybe someone here has a smashed helmet you could try to remove the sticker from?

  14. very true. anyone have a smashed up shoei? Even better a smashed up x-11?
  15. You said 'Some'.. so name TWO of em (so I can confirm this with them).
  16. Waste of time because it won't happen bud.

    If it hasent got our sticker, it HASENT been approved for use in this

    End of story.


    or try remove a sticker from your previous shitty helmet.

    I've never tried it but someone here told me you cant remove it from a
    helmet & apply to another without making it obvious it isent legit.

    Sewing the inside label could be easily done tho.
  17. I say keep the bloody thing Jayray.

    Think about it for a sec..

    You've saved yaself $400+ right? & at $135 a ticket (if you are unlucky
    enough to get caught), you can get done over a few times & still be
    ahead. :p

    Chances of you getting caught for it once are fairly low, let alone 3, 4 or 5

    Odds are in your favour by faaar. [​IMG]
  18. MG, one is Insure My Ride ... They ask to see helmet, and if its no good, then they cut the strap...

    On the buying helmet from US, well unfortunately its a big no no. Does not comply with our regulations, and as Vic said they will be doing a huge blitz on this stuff over summer.

    And remember insurance companies do EVERYTHING by the book..
  19. [​IMG]

    BYE BOOK!!!!!

    Sorry, just watched that episode and it still cracks me up! :LOL:
  20. Scott, you and i seriously need to talk my friend.. :LOL: