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I have not stoped lauging for hours...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ward_4e, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Dude, #7 is going to be absolutely epic. This sort of thing can consume a person. This is a lifelong vendetta we're watching develop right here.

    Imagine #25.

  2. #3 is Gold! :LOL:
  3. WOW! I am still gasping for breath, that was hilarious!
    Those guys have a real talent for presenting the pranks in a humourous way as well.

    It reminds me of when I was a kid, we stayed with some friends of the family for a week or so, then when we left we bought them a block of cadbury Old Gold chocolate.

    They refused to take it, so we just hid it in the side of their couch for them to find later on. Well they found it, and we never heard anything more about it, so we just assumed they'd eaten it. The next time we saw them was about least 6 months later, we were living in Tassie at the time and they were in Melb. About a week after they left we found it taped it to the bottom of our coffee table.

    So we held onto it for another 6 months until the next time we saw them, and I can't remember where but we hid it in a very obscure place for them to find after we'd left. This went on back and forth for a good 5 years, and the hiding spots became harder and harder to find, sometimes we would only find the block months after they had left. But we always managed to find it and hide it in their posessions every time we saw then, and vice versa.

    We'd always discuss strategies when we went to see them, like where would we be able to put it that would take them the maximum time, but still so that they would eventually find it. Under pillows was too obvious, but i think at one stage we put under their spare tyre :)

    I struggle to remember the reason why it ended, but i think there was a logistical reason why we couldn't keep going, maybe they were moving or something, can't remember. Anyway Mum baked it into a mudcake which we shared.

    Ah... good times.
  4. .... was the mudcake good?
  5. Brilliant!
  6. Gold! :LOL: Can't wait for number 7!
  7. that is absolute gold. number 6 is awesome. the effort that they are starting to go to is just nuts
  8. #4 and #5 were just too painful to be funny! :p and 6 is an oldie, but a goodie!

    Oh, and streeters standup sucked.

    "Jenny Craig, biatch!"