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I have no garage or space. Can I still be a bike owner?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. I'm in Sydney. Wondering what percentage of motorcycle owners actually have garage or undercover parking under building, etc.

    I mean in Sydney, theft rate is less than say, in Gold Coast. And I'll have comprehensive insurance that cover theft.
    I can buy/construct some kind of cover to protect bike from direct sunlight and keep it under tree. Will that work?

    Or I am completely out of my element, and bike is only for people with proper home and parking facilities?
  2. my bike is fastened to by appartment external staircase, no garage for me... although hopefully moving soon to a place with more desireable spots for the bike

    If you have something that you can secure it too, and if its in the weather get a bike cover for it (will also decrease the likelyhood of it getting stolen) then it should be ok.

    One of the peeps down the road has a scooter, and it gets chained to the big tree they have out the front of their house

    Just remember though if someone really wants to steal it there isn't much to stop them
  3. Insurance will cost you more as its not locked up.. Can you get it inside ??

    Other than that i see plenty of bikes parked outside, but as said. chain it to something solid.. :grin:
  4. In non high theft area it will be ok. Always keep a cover on it, and chain it to something sturdy if you can.
  5. thanks for replies.
    What about direct sunlight? motorcycle has gas tank very much exposed.
    When I get into the car after it was in sunlight it's like frying pan.

    I wonder if it's safe to drive a bike after it was in direct sun.

    And what if it's left in direct sun for days?

    Are bike covers available? or you can order one somewhere to be made to size?
  6. Paint fade, bird sh!t will be your biggest drama. Petrol tanks have a breather hose to expand in the heat

    Most auto shops sell well priced ones. Check a few out and get best stitching and thickest nylon. Mine has eylets you can run a lock through - stops it gettling blown/knocked off.
  7. just buy a shitbox from the eighties :LOL:
  8. They're classics now, you bastard!

    Do everything you can to make life difficult for the bike thief. Lik someone else said, if they really want it, they'll get it, but you can knock off 75% of bike thieves by making it difficult.

    Think about an alarm, or even a false one, two disc locks etc. Try and find somewhere to stick it that's low visibility but easy for you to check up on.
  9. Yep – any of the car superstores will sell covers (for part of the cost of those in the bike shops, unfortunately) – and they’re worth getting to keep the aforementioned bird crap/red dust off the bike and stop paint fading. If you really want to save, get some tarp and rope from bunnings, would go with the more “classic†bikes out there! :LOL:

    On top of chaining your bike to something very solid, I’d recommend a disk lock. If someone tries to move the bike (chain or no chain), the alarm will sound, plus it won’t be very rideable with a lock sticking out of the front disk! Mine seems to go off every time I start my bike up, forgetting it’s attached :oops: That’s how I know it works…. :LOL:
  10. Chain your wife to the bike ,if they both get stolen you can upgrade both for newer models. :LOL:
  11. Win! Win!
    so do you chain your bike to the sink also :?: :LOL:
  12. You guys are just silly and have no real concept of what being married does to a man.

    I would have to ask my wife where the chain is kept, spoils the whole thing.

    [dons serious hat]

    I feel for you riders in these city areas with no garaging and or the need to chain bikes up. But I understand the need to live there because of work etc. Its a bad bad world out there isn't it.
  13. Are you just watching tumble weeds from your window as your posting these?
  14. LOL, I got back home at lunchtime to find that my bike had been covered up for me by SWMBO. I had completely forgotten where I'd put the cover before we went on holidays.
  15. While smoking my pipe and sippin brandy ......... hey whatsup wiff dat :LOL:
  16. See!!

    We would be lost without them. I never know where anything is but she says its because I never try and remember and rather just wear her brain out.

    And she thinks I AM DUMB. :cool:
  17. :rofl: :rofl: really?
  18. Ive never had a problem with theft, i like in a unit with parking at the rear, so no passing traffic can see it. Get a bike cover so no one can tell what sort of bike it is, get an alarmed disc lock, they are very noisy. Get insurance, if someone steals it, u get a new bike :grin: