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i have new handle bars!!! (oops)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by endurotour, May 22, 2008.

  1. Well last week the Givi box 'fell' off, today while trying to ride up a small ish wall of dirt my bike did a wonderful 180 reverse-sault with a half twist, to alas land full force in an 'inverted' (yes there are two OO's in goose) on the right hand side of the handle bars...
    Snap a roony... with the laughs of some assistants, I was able to too take stock of the bike, I was ok, dived of and too the left, bike, both right side indicators slightly violated, bars snalled at the brace, held on by bark-busters, new tank/light surround 'sobs' scratched...
    with much help, no swearing, and some mighty heaves the bike was able to be sort of riden up the remaining 75m of hill, ruts and roots, to get then to a nice ish track and onto a road, 24 ish kms (riding with a tyre iron / socket arm splint on the bars) I got into Kyneton, Boltons took over and now I have a loverly set of renthal bars, more open cockpit and loverly array of mud across the bike..
    ohh and being in a bike shop for 2+ hours allows one to end up with a new mirror..
    on the up side i have no fairings... :)

  2. a photo

    the splint is on top yup with blue bits, like kitchen band aids...
  3. Al, thats very inventive! Bush mechanics at its best. :LOL:

  4. Get yourself a set of forged aluminium Magura bars. I guarantee you will not bend them. If you manage to break them, then I can assure you the rest of the bike will not be in a rideable condition anyway :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    This comes from someone that has crash tested them in a variety of situations & speeds on numerous occasions :grin: