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I have motul in my eye and it hurts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. I have motul in my eye from lubing my chain a little while ago and it's starting to sting.

    Anyone know what I should do about it? :cry:

  2. have a cry? rinse it out? see a doctor who will wash it out for you? eye drops??... degreaser?
  3. Read the package, they usually says what to do in circumstances like this.

    Could be worse...

    Imagine if it was a cheap brand :LOL:
  4. Flush your eye asap with saline, distilled or tap-water if that's all that's available.
    Warm water may be more comfortable and work better for rinsing oil out of your eye.

    You may also dab your eye with a VERY clean cloth, tissue or cotton bud to pick up particulates [the white of your eye, obviously: not the pupil].

    If it's still uncomfortable, rinse some more - keep blinking, and see if it starts to improve [if it's just that feeling like somethings in or has scratched your eye].

    If you still experience a burning sensation, I'd get a lift to your local hospital immediately and take the can of chain-lube with you to show them what you got in your eyes.

    Chain lube isn't just oil - it also has an adhesive in it ^_^

    It's your vision dude, don't take any chances.
  5. lol..ya goose.

    If anything like this happens you're best to ring Poisons Information Service and/or the docs. Get it checked out asap.

    Hope it's okay.
  6. I always use kerosene and a stiff brush to remove stubborn chain lube. I promise it wont hurt. :LOL:
  7. And propellant.
  8. i would hate to get lube in my eye, just rinse your eye out perhaps lol
  9. Poisons Information Centre: 13 11 26

    + what Ktulu said.
  10. Most lube just flies off, so all you need to do is spin around lots...

    Alternatively visit a doctor soon and get it checked out. At the least it will hurt and sting, so get it sorted before we have a post about 'can i ride with an eye patch?'
  11. hehe cejay :grin:

    How about standing in front of some white wheels? Most of the lube should magically fly out an land on them.
  12. Yep, flush as much as possible then go to the hospital with the can to show then what it is you've got in your eye. :)

    Next time check that the nozzle is pointing away from you (and preferably towards the chain) before pressing it. :wink:
  13. It's an eye dude. You've only got two. If it's still stinging I'd see a optometrist or doctor quicksmart (it's probably just scratched the cornea up a bit but I'd still want someone to check it out).
  14. haha jordan, you n00b
  15. Thanks guys (except Dani).

    Its all good, I washed it out a bit with some of that saline stuff and it doesnt hurt anymore and I still see so should be sweet I reckon. :grin:
  16. Just don't a Mundine on us and go licky contact lenses. What was he thinking?!