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I have joined the C%$@$ club

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by goz, May 3, 2011.

  1. Thats right, I have joined the cruiser club woohoo and i couldnt be happier, Most of you know that i smashed my bike (2008 Yamaha R6) a few weeks ago and insurance paid out so big thumbs up to Insure my ride, highly recommended as the process was without any hassle what so ever, I will be using them again

    Anyway, it was time to step down from the supersports as my 40 year old body was starting to ache from it and my mind was telling me to do silly things when i hit the twisty stuff :D My Mrs also wants to enjoy getting out there with me so i went the cruiser path, I test rode a few tourers and it just wasnt me, every time i jumped on a cruiser it put a massive smile on my face

    Put the deposit down today and pick it up on Saturday

    And here she is, Martha 2, i chose a mid size cruiser for now and will jump on a bigger one later on in life

    2008 Suzuki 800CC VL800 (BOULEVARD C50) CRUISER




    Mods i will be adding...

    Lowering kit
    V&H pipes
    Drag bars
    Chrome Radiator cover
    Light Bar
    White wall tyres
    And a removable sissy bar for when the Mrs wants to go

    Future mod
    Probably a M109r or a Nightrod :)

    But wait, thats not all, i now have the best of both worlds :)


    Back to where she belongs, in my possesion, i bought my R6 back from insurance and will be turning her into a track bike so i can take my supersport frills out on the track cause i still enjoy it (y)



    Toooooo many to list lol

    So as it stands, the stuff you can do on the road, i will do on the cruiser, and the stuff you cant will be at the track :D
  2. Good one Goz, best of both worlds,
  3. cheers mate (y)
  4. Nice Goz - Can't wait to see the actual bike all tricked out...!
  5. Thanks mate, ye future photos to come when its all done, will try and find fatboy looking wheels to fit also
  6. great that youve pulled that off a trackie and a cruisie.....i like very much
  7. nice ride Goz, I thought you might have gone the M50 look rather than the Volusia style, but personally I like those big old guards ..
    welcome to the dark side

    Now you gotta buy a stereotypical Brando jacket and a bone dome and a bandana with a skull on it :)
  8. I think that with the draconian enforcement of minor speed infractions that the government mandates in order to maintain their speed trap revenue stream a cruiser makes excellent sense for road use!

    And IMHO the C50 is one of the better mid size cruisers :)
  9. Very nice, and it's lovely to know that Martha is resurrected. Good show, Goz!
  10. Thank Dog for that, you had me worried.
  11. Noice. :) 'Gratz.
  12. OFFICIAL: Goz has always lusted a spewzuki!!
  13. You have turned gay mate, now just add tassles to the handlebars, wear arseless leathers and the picture is complete..

    congrats :)
  14. Least it's not a mandarin haha :D

    Thanks :)
  15. Geez your original got scratched up! How much did it cost to buy her back?
  16. best of all possible worlds

    (but I bet you'd still like the have the R6 when the roads get twisty)
  17. Congrats mate, nice bike.
  18. Good stuff mate. One bike good. Two bikes better.
  19. Goz having the bigger versionC109r i would suggest you wait off on the lowering kit it brings them down too low
  20. Cause of peg scraping?