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I have finally found him!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lobsta, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the

    Returned to my bike parked in the designated bike parking at carindale shops and was warming it up and strapping various pieces of safety equipment to myself when this guy pulls up next to the parking bays in his fully sik skyline and proceeds to parallel park in front of the bays, parking in all but my bike (mainly coz i was staring at him with a dumfounded look on my face). then him and his token biatch head into the shops and he arms his car alarm.

    I was thinking of letting the air out of a couple of his tyres or putting a big ol key scratch down the paintwork, but I am only new to riding and havent built up enough good karma for that. On the other hand, I saw the guy that got off the cruiser-y looking thing next to the Gixxer, and he looks like a mean MF. I REALLY hope that he returned to his bike before the Skyline driver did...




  2. Missed opportunity. Set off the alarm and then tell the people who own the car park that someone is trying to steal a car. They'll be there in a flash. Then you can point out that the inconsiderate dope has parked the bikes in. He gets booked, you don't lose any karma points :LOL:.
  3. No dont do that!! Especially the key scratch. Dont mess with peoples rides, even if they are stupid for parking there. Its not fair, would you like it if that was you in the skyline. I understand you want payback but its not worth it dude. There could be a CCTV camera in there could find out who did it and hey PRESTO, your bike and number plate??

    Best leave it be, it'll catch up with him one day (fine).
    Only if your in a real hurry (someone you know is in serious help) then maybe smash the window, let down the hand brake and push the thing back.

  4. Too hard to ride onto the other side?
    Those bikes don't look parked in to me.
    Having said that the dope who parked his car there should have been reported to management.
  5. its rather typical of people who drive those sorts of cars.
    the car would not have stayed there if i had the opportunity to approach the driver.
  6. Ride home really quick, come back in the cage and block him in!

    Or, if you think back to school yard days, a bit of dog poo under the door handle. Superglue in the keyhole and/or valve stems after half letting the tyres down. Stickers all over the windows(preferably those ones that tear apart when trying to remove them).
  7. Gotta admit it Lobsta, I think you have ! ( found him )

    Pass this on to him if he happens by your way again.

  8. Hopefully the next rider that needs to leave will ask a friendly 4x4 owner with a decent bullbar to assist in removing the road debris.
  9. There's a gutter in the way, they look pretty stuck.


    Oh wise one, what car should a man drive?
  10. About as annoying as people that park over 2 car spaces...
  11. So?
    How easy is it to ride up and down a gutter?
    If you can't do that then you really need to practise.
    These are bikes not cars!
  12. #12 ZRX, Sep 6, 2008
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    You would ride a road bike UP a 90-degree gutter? Please go and film yourself doing so, then post it up here.

    Edit - already found the footage :p

  13. Are you serious mate? It's a piece of piss :? If I had some form of video camera I'd give you a lesson.
  14. Start up a vtwin and let the exhaust note set off the alarm... or just give the window a thump... then let automatic car park processes roll.

    At Crown casino, they have a car jack trolley that can move a blocker inner car.
  15. Maybe you guys have small gutters down there or something? My fairings would get stuck and I'd tip over because I have midget legs :LOL: I saw some poor bugger scratch his whilst going down a kerb outside a bike shop here in Canberra, he would've dropped it for sure if he was going up.
  16. Do you know why they are doing that? How can you comment if you don't know?

    I often do that for good reason.
  17. :?:
  18. You get all the people who can walk out of the disabled parks and we wouldn't need to take up 2 spots just so we can get out of the car!
  19. Totally understand mate :evil: That must really suck.
  20. If you can't get a bike out of there then give it away mate. :roll: