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I have become my own enemy on the road :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. Bob's got a new toy, now do i yell at myself while driving it ?



  2. You are a funny man, Bob :LOL:

    Looks perfect for fishing trips (or cutting off 250s on the Monash :wink:)
  3. What model is the Datsun across the street?
    (it's a Datsun right??)

    only joking - nice toy!
  4. Haha, that's a Ford Falcon. XA I think.

    Anyway, nice Hilux mang!
  5. Thats an XC dood :)
  6. I stand corrected.....
  7. Looks like a real bike smasher.
  8. Ack! Ta :)
  9. You've even got a snorkel, you can run over dirt bikes during creek crossings. By chance were you in Tassie recently?
  10. VTRFJRDualcab4WDbob.

  11. hey Bob,
    I had one of those back at the start of this millenium ! :LOL:


    Mine was the model before, the mighty unbreakable LN106R (Toyota code for dual cab, 2.8L diesel, solid front axle, non-SR5 model ;) )

    I miss it, it went everywhere, it carried mates on a night outs, polished up it fitted right in with the B&S / Ute crowd, mudded up it fitted in with the redneck crowd, stary night in the ute bed got one chic excited :LOL:, 100% tax right off cause it was a 1 tonner, and it sipped 9.5L/100km of diesel back when it was 85c/L. It help numerous friends and family either move house or carry garden supplies so many times.

    It had 300,000km when I sold her.

    Made way for my Subaru fetish, which I still have. :LOL: