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i have a solid bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Bloody triumph owners, never do any maintenance, always trying to keep mice in their airbox.

    You should be ashamed.
  2. hehehe

    but there was no mice evidence... just bird seed!
  3. Triumph: Can't even get mice to live in one!

    You know I'm kidding right?

    I have a friend with a Trident (proper old one), we're going to go into business making Triumph branded oil drip trays, we'll make a killing.
  4. Sounds like it wasn't so much the Trumpy that was tough, but the K&N filter is unpalatable...
  5. lol that's actually put a proper grin on my face... awesomeness! :D
  6. That's unreal! I wonder what would happen if a piece of that stuff managed to find it's way past the filter and into the intake?
  7. Lol.. im still after a sprint ST, but when i say after, i need to get a cage up here first - yes its a need of one.
  8. Our Micepowers is tougher than youre puny little horsey power..
  9. #10 kneedragon, Jun 14, 2011
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  10. brilliant video kneedragon! absolutely loved it :D
  11. Ta. I had a giggle going for days the first time I saw that.

    "First they make the centre of gravity." PING! ROTFL.
  12. I'd love a rocket3 but it wont fit through the door in the shed..
  13. It's a Rocket3 - you could make the door bigger. Fairly easily, I'd think.

    WTF! You wanted an better shed anyway, didn't you?
  14. Main door is locked, blocked and bolted closed but I suppose a bigger side door wouldnt be too hard to do..
    Its hard enough getting the Harley in and out, a Rocket would be a real pain even with a bigger door.