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I have a secret

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. #1 simon varley, Sep 22, 2010
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    that I can now tell everybody. (no - not that). [URL="]this[/URL] is what I have spent the last 4 years of my life working on.

  2. 4 years to make an ad about a car wearing ill fitting clothes? pfft.
  3. So the Ford Ranger is not a rebadged Mazda any more?
  4. Seeming so...

    Lurve my BT-50.

    Definitely curious to see the new Ranger though.
    Interesting to see them push the off-road angle, when everyone knows (or thinks they know) the Hilux is pretty much king of the mud... in stock form anyway.

    Price and interior (level of luxury) are the selling points for the BT and the Ranger.
  5. so have you been working on the car, or the advert?

    you should sell a bushell load of them here in the 'Gong' every man and his dog has one, or something like it......
  6. The car, I would think. Few advertisements take four years of work...

    Must be pretty cool to finally see it out the door (sort of) and going public. What area of it were you working on?
  7. Never driven a large pickup. Can these things handle or are they like a sail barge on wheels? Was Ford Australia called in to help in this regard?
  8. What do you want to know?

    They all drift just fine, and handle on a freeway all the way up to their top-speed.

    Unless you're talking lightweight, sports-suspension roadsters: it's more up to the driver than the vehicle, on most roads, in my experience.
  9. I work on making sure the engine and transmission cool properly, and that enough heat shielding is fitted to the exhaust system, and other stuff like that. The testing we do isn't as dramatic as on the video - hours spent in the climatic wind tunnel. I'm really proud of this car. It's not perfect - I think any engineer will tell you that the work is never finished, and that the bean counters won't let you spend enough to to a proper job, but I really think this is a hilux beater.

    In this case the Mazda variant will be a rebadged Ford! Work was mostly done here in Geelong and Melbourne. If anyone knows how much better the current Ranger is than the old Courier - well, we've made an even bigger jump this time!

    Sorry for blowing my own trumpet.
  10. I think it would be a massive sense of satisfaction that you would receive to see those on the road after release when you're travelling around. You could potentially see the results of your work for years.

    Thanks for sharing. Good work. :D
  11. No worries. You've spent years working on this, in which time you weren't allowed to talk about it, and are proud of what you and the people you work with have achieved. Nothing that requires apologies :).
  12. Congrats!
  13. The market is pretty variable. Some are very car like, others are more truck like.

    The bit I read suggested Ford Australia's designers were used to create this global product. The OP will be able to confirm.
  14. most one ton utes are pretty average both in comfort and driveability. Some are downright dangerous, but even the best are still very truck-like. The team's brief was to make the Ranger have the load hauling ability of a truck and the driveability of a car and I think we've come close.

    Ford in Australia developed the powertrain. Mazda designed the chassis, but Ford engineers here tuned the suspension and steering for handling. Ford also developed the interior and all the electonic toys with a lot of input from Ford Europe so hopefully it'll have that sort of feel. It's a going on sale globally so there have had to be a few compromises for our market but I don't think most drivers will ever notice them.

    thanks for all your compliments - it was a huge team job but you're right; to point to something driving by and say 'I did that bit' is very satisfying. I previously worked on the focus and C-max teams and still get a buzz when I see them on the road.