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i have a question for all the tech heads out there

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, May 5, 2010.

  1. just taken control of a secondhand laptop and want to know how to get rid of the stuff that comes up when i type " www.' in the box up the top. the prev owner went to some pretty crap sites it apperars and i want to basically delete them from the history so when u i type in youtube im not getting yoville instead. please help

  2. depends on the browser used

    if explorer do this
    The Internet Explorer AutoComplete feature can be enabled and disabled by following the below steps.

    1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    2. Click Tools and then Internet Options.
    3. In the Internet Options window click the Content tab.
    4. Click the AutoComplete button.
    5. Check or uncheck the options you wish have or not have AutoComplete. Below is a brief explanation of what each of the options are for.

    In firefox do this

    # Open the Firefox browser.
    # From the Firefox menu, select 'Tools'
    # Select 'Options'
    # Click 'Privacy'
    # Click 'Saved Forms'
    # Click 'Settings'
    # Select all options in the 'Clear Private Data' window
    # Click OK
    # Click 'Clear Saved Form Data Now'
    # Uncheck 'Save information I enter in forms and the Search Bar'

    I recommend CCleaner for clearing all tmp files etc from browsers ( free and not a virus or spam )

  3. If they've been to bad places and don't have MS Updates turned on and a current, reputable AV scanner, they're more than likely also have malware installed.

    In addition to Moto's advice, use free tools such as Malwarebytes or Superantispyware to run scans against the machine. Make sure updates are turned on and ensure you're patched up to date.
  4. were they watching lots of pron?
  5. Reinstall Windows or whatever OS it has.
  6. using google chrome
  7. Blow it away. Sharing a PC is like sharing a toothbrush.

    Just make sure to get the license key out of the registry before you do. Link
  8. +1 to rebuilding the laptop.

    It is a pain, but necessary.

    Even if you install the latest security suite, run every M$ patch and run a bunch of malware tools, you still could have problems.
  9. In Firefox, don't you have to set "browser.urlbar.maxRichResults" to zero, or similar?
    Enter about:config in the URL bar, you'll see many options that aren't obvious elsewhere

    If you're using I.E. just send me your credit card number and banking logon details, I'm sure I can put the money to better use than a russian crime cartel!

    The short answer really, as previously mentioned, would be to nuke the drive and reinstall, that way you can be reasonably confident you're starting with a clean slate.
  10. Format c:
    Boot Ubuntu and install
    don't worry about virus' / malware
    have fun :)

    (this option may be a bit nerdy for some tho lol)
  11. +1 to jirf88 and orekin, Laptops are a pain to find the appropriate drivers etc and it will be a job to re-install but much better for the long term stability of the machine and your own sanity.

    Another prompt to Jirf88's point to get the License Key FIRST.
  12. For them, there is LFS :demon:.

    As others have said, wiping everything and doing a nice, clean reinstall is the best option*. Note that this will delete everything, though that shouldn't be an issue if you've only just acquired it. Probably a good idea to recruit someone a bit more tech-savvy than yourself.

    *Unless you want to dig out personal details/information, such as their credit card numbers and suchlike. (Which is illegal, in case anyone actually IS that thick.)
  13. Wiping the PC IS the best way to go, however be aware that the OP will need to have media appropriate for that licence key.
  14. +1 What furry boy said.... Err I mean jirf
  15. Heh, watch it banana boy.
  16. yep, format it, re install windows, start fresh