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"I have a pathological hatred for motorbike riders&quot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hairycucumber, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Remark from VicRoads manager Gregory Yorke in current AMCN magazine (page 5).

    Oh well, at least now we know where we stand :cry:

  2. Should someone that kind of bias have that kind of role?
  3. he can say whatever he likes; he doesn't have to face an election for four years yet :roll:.
  4. This came from a Roadmarking Industry of Australia directory '06-'07 (freely available online).

    Contact: Mr Gregory Yorke
    Position: Works Manager Linemarking
    Ph: 03 9313 1124
    Fax: 03 9313 1198
    Mobile: 0401 142 279
    Email: gregory.yorke@roads.vic.gov.au
  5. what was the context?
  6. Is this out of context...because context means everything. He could have been saying "I have a pathological hatred of motorbike riders...who speed" or "....who stunt on public roads" or "...who pick their noses and then eat it" or "...who will do a bloke up the arse but don't have the decency to give him a reacharound"

    That sentence in isolation could mean anything. Now if he ended it with a .....fullstop, then that is another issue.
  7. I think I read in the Neil Mitchell thread that it was in the context of "used to be a tow truck operator and becoming sick of scraping motorcyclists off the road".
  8. if it's too hot, get out of the kitchen.

    Mind you, if it's persistently one group (like those with race reps and no gear) then I could well understand his attitude given the mess they make (blood makes the truck rust).

    Also kind of stupid in a way to have a go at your bread and butter.
  9. I dont accept that excuse.

    He didnt say "I have a pathological hatred for motorbikes"

    He referred to motorbike riders.

    Can you imagine the uproar if he'd said this of any other group of road user?

  10. Erm why would he ever face election?
    He's the head of an agency not a poilitician.
  11. i dunno what to say....... except, if he was hit by a motorbike i'm sure he'll change his mind. It'll be a lesson to him to close his mouth(arse) and not talk, ever, ever again.
  12. What a sad indictment on a system that appoints F*ckwit public servants with prejudices like this twat as the head of Vicroads, a department that is supposed to serve the interests of ALL road users..
    Perhaps if public servants were up for election every 4 years....

    did I mention I have a pathological hatred for idiots in a position of authority/responsibility who make comments like this?
  13. reserving my right to post on this until I have read the article in full!
  14. He's not the head of any agency. He's in charge of a part of VicRoads maintenance.
  15. "I have a ['caused by or involving disease'] hatred for motorbike riders"

    I've always said stupidity was a plague upon this earth...
  16. Linemarking. Contact details are further up the thread.
  17. "Linemarking" ... so he's a friggin' painting contractor who wears a tie to work.
    Prolly scored the position with a bloody arts degree.

    :arrow: so why do we give a french-fried-fillet-O-f&%$ what this guy says anyway?
  18. I know...I couldn't be bothered typing that part.

    The AMCN article is a little misleading. 'VICROADS Manager Admits Hatred Of Riders'. He's a manager of people who mark lines on the road. That's all. If he was in charge of policy, direction or something I'd be more worried.

    The guy's obviously a tosser who's probably out of his depth, has 2.5 brain cells to rub together. Unfortunately that doesn't preclude him from holding a job managing people.
  19. umm, what do you mean here? Bikes ride themselves around near your place do they?

    perhaps, but probably not - after all, the police commissioners of each state do the same thing (about all road users) around the big public holidays, and we by and large express the same opinion of cars. It's a comment that is hardly likely to change the opinion of those who read the article and thus cause them to march the streets with pitchforks looking for riders...
  20. We should totally still bash him. :grin: