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I have a new hobby

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Collecting bugs.

    Lots of different kind, all dead though.

    They are all sitting on my visor after todays slightly spirited ride.

    Now I need to work out how to stop that right mirror from folding inwards at $2.50 :grin:

  2. i got smacked in the visor by the worlds biggest mutant dragonfly at 110kmh and he bounced off without leaving a mark!!
    maybe i need to carry a bug net.
    beats the sh!t outta lawn bowls :cool:
  3. I love the funny bug splats.. Like the massive ones that smack the visor and take up half your vision, then the wind slowly wipes them away because they're so huge..
  4. On the way to the Island for the supers this year, I had a bug complete with saddle and rider hit my visor and the malaka made a bloody mess.

    Moth lard, when it's raining is horrible stuff to clean whilst riding.
  5. Why do you need a mirror when you're spending that much Vic? It's not as if you're doing mirror checks and think to yourself 'Oh shit that apache helicopter is tailgating me, I better make some more room'.

  6. Say's who? VicPol would go to those lengths to get a speeding fine out of anyone :p
  7. Yes, that $2.50 would actually cost you a little more than you'd hoped if they did manage to get a family portrait.
  8. Remember the bugs we used to eat in the open face days - disgusting!
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  10. I had one smack into my helmet at about the same speed - nice 4x4cm splat, and a huge trail from the splat mark to the edge of the visor as it slid off :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I had some bird hit my right glove. Luckily it was the one with knuckle protection ... poor bird didn't stand a chance :p
  12. So what did she do afterwards?
  13. woman beaterrrrrrr :p heheheh
  14. I had a big bug hit my visor in exactly the right place to get goo both on the face and on the inside of the visor... it was a big lot of goooo
  15. I lived up near Tamworth for a few years. About 3 years ago there was a really bad locust plague - they were literally everywhere.

    You would ride along and hundreds of them would jump up off the road right into your path. These were big suckers too, probably about a good 5 - 8cm. They hurt when you hit them, even through the a jacket and especially on the legs.

    When they hit your helmet it was like hitting a stone and wasn't pretty.

    Definitely don't miss that.
  16. 2 weeks or so ago I hit a cat at ~60km/h, No damage to the bike but holy shit it scared me. Was coming home from the movies and was going through a backstreet to my house, Saw something run out from under a car then bam. Was like a giant speed hump for the front wheel, not a huge amount for the rear. :LOL:
    Was really unexpected, Wasn't a very big cat luckily.
    So yeah, if you live near Blackrock/Beaumaris and your cat didn't come home 2 weeks ago... sorry. :wink:
  17. ^^^^^ :rofl:
    if that was my gf's cat id be buying you a beer mate!!
  18. the bugs are diabolical!!!! they all seem to hang around in their little swarms at the lights, so when you take off, if you have you're visor up (which I often do) they go straight in and make themselves at home :mad:
    almost sent me out of control yesterday trying to flick my head to get them out.... must have looked hilarious :p :oops: