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I Have a New Bike!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by stokedpaz, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. So, I finally have a new set of wheels. Picked it up on Tuesday and have had a couple of sneaky little rides on it. Holy shit, it is a lot different to my zzr250. So tweaky.

    Anyway it is a 2000 Yamaha R6.
    Only had 4,650 kms on the clock and is in pretty good order.

    Going to get some new tyres, fender eliminator and new exhaust I think...

    See how we go.





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    Very nice. I like the blue
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  3. Cheers mate! I was also looking at an all black one. It looked awesome and had a slip on exhaust, but there was 36,000km on the clock and just something suss about it. The blue has grown on me a lot.
  4. Yes, I agree, very nice bike mate, congrats!!!

    But was the previous owner a nanny? 4650km for a 2000 bike?

    I'm sure you will give her the attention she deserves! (y)
  5. I thought it was bodgey as when I heard about it it, but when I saw the bike and log books I was fine. Last owner was a mechanic, had it for ages and it just sat in his garage. He lives like 2km from his work and has a few other toys. He said he maybe did a km or 2 every couple of months.
    The tyres are the same ones that came with the bike. They have hardly been worn down and it has not really been leant over. They are hard and shit though, so will need some new ones.

    Am not really meant to ride it until March 2012, so no Old Road or anything. Had a bit of a burn around the inner west. So much fun, now I had to leave it at dad's.

    CSS in October and a couple of track days coming up soon. I will definitely give it a fair bit of attention!
  6. vera narce-a (y)
  7. make sure when you get new tyres that you put on a 120/60 17 front tyre (the correct size) not a 120/70 17 front tyre. clearance is too tight between the front guard and tyre, and the tyre and the fairings.

    and it slows down the steering.
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  8. ..................
  9. nice bike, the blue is awesome I only seem to see the red and white
  10. Nice R6 mate....lookin good (y)
  11. nive color, nice bike, ok someone get a lemon and see if you can get the smile of his face lol congrats!!
  12. Thanks Jimmy. Probably will get new tyres in the next week or so. Good to have a heads up. I would normally go one up if they didnt have my size, now I def won't!
  13. yeah they are tight for room in around the front end there so don't do it. i put a 120/70 on my 01 r6 and it was a bad move.
  14. very nice, super low ks for 2000, looks to be in good nik
  15. (y) Good to see you're on top of that.
  16. top bike Paz, im sure youll enjoy her and rider per like she deserves when the time comes.