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i have a knocking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BalmyBrowny, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. disvoered a knocking noise in low gear and revs tonight :( so far as i can tell.. it only does it in 1st or 2nd..... and below like 7k rpm..... never noticed it beofre.... freaked me out a bit... its pretty pronounced.... and can also feel it a bit on my pegs when it does it... tested it lots on way home tonight..... its pretty rythmic.... i go slower.. it knocks slower..... dont know what it could be.... should i get it to mechanics?? or just one of those 'quirks' about a zzr that i never noticed before??? any help appreciated....

  2. Ok, is it speed releted or rev related?

    Does it do it on the side stand?

    Does it change when the clutch is pull in, both riding and on the stand?

    With any luck it is a stiff link in you chain.
  3. I'd say adjust and lube the chain. If it's still there, you may have a problem.
  4. thanks for the replies :) its when the clutch is out that i notice it... doesn't do it when stationary... one of my mates here that i spoke to tonight said sounds exactly like a stiff chain link ( he didn't ride it though ) and also told me to check chain tension as well as a fresh lube which i'll be doin in the morning to make sure.... will lube/ tension in morning and give update tomorrow night when get home from work.... am hoping its somthing simple like that and not a trip to mechanic....
  5. " i hear you knocking"

    "but you can't come in..."