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I have a historical doppleganger (and a living one.)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. A buddy found this portrait on a postcard in a European museum. This bloke was a 15th century author of some note, apparently with a penchant for wheelstanding his horse and carriage, singing bawdy ballads and baring his posterior at the local gentry:

    [​IMG]<- him me ->[​IMG]

    I must find out who he is, and go read his books. He looks like a wise man.

    EDIT: I forgot, there's another. Carri sent me a pic of this bloke that she got on the booze with at the Isle of Man TT a few years back. Around that time I had bleached my hair blonde too, and I even had a shirt like that:

  2. we havent all met you in person, how about a photo for comparison
  3. :shock:

    Freaky...but why is he wearing a dead crow on his head?
  4. Good point. See above - it's not the best likeness there, but this reflects the difficulty I have in finding a photo of me without a) my arse in the foreground of the shot and/or b) a silly face on.
  5. Yep .. ya found him :LOL:
  6. :LOL:

    too funny
  7. I wonder if 15th Century Loz also flashed his bottom often at opportune times ??

  8. which one you mean? left or right?

  9. Micky, I believe he did!
  10. the resemblance is uncanny you could be twins..do you know where your family comes from? maybe hes a distant relative
  11. Yeah I nearly flipped when I saw it. The portrait looks more like me than most photos do - to me, anyway. I wonder if I can track down who he was?
  12. Looking at the back of the postcard would be a good start :idea:
  13. Yeah it was on there, but this is a scan from yeeeears ago.
  14. The hand position indicates that he was probably a Poof.
    Is that something else that you have in common?
  15. That photo's not a silly face?

  16. that is truly FREAKY!!!
  17. DO you REALLY wanna know?
    They dished out very harsh punishment back in them days
  18. I reckon he could be Dutch or Flemish, so that's where I'd start looking. Do your ancestors hail from that neck of the woods?
  19. That is a good likeness... maybe you're reincarnated Loz... :)
  20. Just like a annoying cough that keeps coming back..