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i have a dilema, and id like your help please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ronin11, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. get the yoshis. hooning is so much better.

  2. storage gear. the bike runs, you need to go places.

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  1. okay, simple, exhaust/storage gear.

    long story: money is tight for me at the moment, car, bike, food, bills, etc all adds up to me not having a large disposable income. ive been looking at getting a yoshi from overseas for a while now, but over the last few weeks, ive been off work and doing a bit of motoring around and have come to he conclusion i REALLY need some kind of storage for said traveling. i am unable to afford both, as id like to have it before superbikes, and id need to buy the exhaust in the next week or 2.
    ive set the superbikes weekend as the end zone for the exhaust, and id like to travel down to PI without having to wear a backpack as well.. ive been looking at a set of throwover soft panniers, and i am thinking of heding that direction as opposed to a rack.

    for comparison, the pipe will probably cost me $600 delivered, plus fitting. storage gear will probably set me back $300ish. its not the end of the world, the one i dont get now, ill get later, but i want helpdeciding which one to get before the supers
  2. I'd go for the storage, but I'm boring like that :p
  3. storage.................or go the yosi's and a really big backpack and an expandable tankbag..........ebay is your friend

  4. You can get a leo vince, yoshi or megacycle exhaust for $400.

    Get both.

    Exhaust > luggage :D
  5. i have now taken over as your financial planner.
    i have highlighted your financial burden, and believe there is only one answer. sell it and buy both.
  6. Yup exhausts for sure imagine that sweet sweet sound and lookin around goin where is that noise comin from and realising its YOUR bike. By a nice big backpack.
  7. now if ya hadda bought a firestorm (or mine in fact), I could have sold you my pipes cheap before trading the bike in and you wouldnt be in this dilema ;)
  8. Storage....a set of pipes will not keep your gear dry, but may attacted more unwanted attention. Go quickly, quietly.
  9. car goes back on the market next week. i had it up for a couple months last year, and got sick of tyre kickers. hopefully this year ill get some legit buyers at least. once thats gone, ill in a better position to spend on the bike.. but i wont go out spending money that i dont have. although when i get it, it'll be gone in a new york minute.
  10. If you're handy with a welder (or know a good mate that is) you can get a rack and a bag for 150 max (thats buying the rear sack new). Go to the wreckers and buy a used rack that is about the right size and make your own l-brackets.
  11. throw caution to the wind - *born to be bad*
  12. Ronin what kinda car you got for sale? :)
  13. Bollocks to a fart can, practical beats poser every time.
  14. MY99 WRX.was in the for sale forum.. some time ago.
  15. Dan, luggage is boring mate.. Bling is what you need brother... :twisted:

    Ok, so maybe i am not the right person to ask hey... :-w
  16. How about a tank bag?

    I'm a teacher and comute to work daily - always having to lug marking, change of clothes, shoes and texts back and forth and use a magnetised tank bag. Cost about $70.
  17. +1 :wink:

    Spent long enough on a loud bike to realise there's times that you just want to go unheard... :wink:

    If you end up getting the pipes let me know and I can take ya gear down to Supers for ya coz I'll be caging it...
  18. Given that you'll be spending a lot of dough on the yoshi's + fitting (You gotta go horsies first!) why don't you see if the place you buy it from will chuck some storage in for free or at a discount?
  19. not a bad idea, and its something ill look into, but the place as far as i know only sells bike exhausts, and no other parts. i will look into that though clair, thanks for the idea.

    hey azz, thanks for that offer man!! much appreciated!
  20. No probs!! :cool:

    Figure if I gotta cage it might as well help out my mates going by bike... done it for the last 2 MotoGPs and Supers!!