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I have a BIG problem

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CharmedSon2, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Ok people I have a HUGE problem... I am going for my P's tomorrow and I have to be at the Corowa RTA at 10:45am.. but here is my problem MY CLUTCH CABLE SNAPPED THIS AFTERNOON!!!

    Now life is a biatch isn't it?

    My bike, being a Honda VTZ 250, it's an import and the only way I can get a new cable is through a motorcycle wreckers, and that will take a couple of weeks... AND I CAN'T REBOOK MY TEST!!
    AND no, I can't borrow a bike from the RTA because I'm in an undeclared area.


    That is a list of approved bikes I could ride for the test...
    Could anybody help me out in any way????????????

    Thanks, CharmedSon2
  2. Well all I can say is if you don't change your topic from Caps to non caps your message will be deleted.

    From the terms and conditions.

    Forum Etiquette Do's and Dont's

    * DON'T post your subject or your text in ALL CAPS - your post will be deleted. CAPS is SHOUTING and it's considered rude.
  3. well maybe i feel i need to shout about my situation...
  4. Maybe next time we feel the need to not be nice and simply delete your post
  5. Sorry people Im just a little annoyed and stressing out...
  6. Cables is cables is cables ... they have two ends and a middle bit ..

    What I'm gettin' at is .. if you got a motorcycle "spares" shop nearby ... take your busted cable in there .. as early as can be .. (ie: as soon as they open)

    Odds are they'll be able to match up something similar that will get you out of trouble, it may not be genuine, it may not be the same brand etc but whatever it takes to get you out of trouble.

    Also, if they have a service department with a competent mechanic they should be able to solder a new nipple on the end if that's where it's broken, (that's where they usually snap) ...

    Anyways .. hope that helps ... good luck with the cable AND the test ..

  7. True.. some shops will make one up for you on the spot as well..
  8. god help you when you face a genuine problem rather than a minute blip like a broken cable. :roll:

    -transport bike to bike shop.
    -get bike shop to fix cable.
    -go do P's test.

    wooooo mannnnn what a logistical and planning nightmare! :p
  9. C'mon guys, the poor kids just freakin out...
  10. Good luck. Let us know how you got on :)
  11. Buy some of your own cable and fix it yourself, piece of piss.
  12. what this guy needs is good quick advice or a direct solution, not vitriol over the minor hassle that a broken cable might NORMALLY mean. To him it is a big deal and he needs some assistance.

    CS2, contact your local bike shop or mechanic ASAP and go for the mock up solution, this seems to be something you can get done on the spot. You will no doubt need to explain the situation to get it done straight away.

    Good luck and good luck tomorrow.
  13. pfffffttt!!!

    Harden up son. Impress your p plate instructor with your clutchless shifting prowess and he'll hand the licence over on a golden plater!!

    Seriously though, bike shop, or VISITING a local wrecker with said cable in hand and have them match up from the bazillion they might have would have been a way to go...

    By now your test is all but done... how'd ya go???
  14. Yeah except the test was early morning, he lives in a smallish town, has NO other transport, and there is no bike shop there.

    Sorry did I leave out he's about 19?

    Now I've seen adults post stuff here looking for help too. The key is "help" if we can.
    Fair Go people. we were all kids once!

  15. +1
  16. Well if he's 19 hit up the 'olds' for transport.

    Borrow the old mans car, borrow a trailer (from one of the old mans mates if he doesn't have one), throw the bike in said trailer (tying it down with ropes using a truckie knot if you don't have tie downs... ask your old man or his mates if you don't know how).

    Drive it to the shop in the nearest town that has a shop. Ask them to make up a universal cable or match the length to one in stock.

    Ring around first to see which shop will do custom cables before you head off.

    Total cost a few $ fuel money to the old man and a 6 pack of beer to whoever you borrowed the trailer from and a few $ for the cable.

    I not only expect the kids to land this sort of problem upon me, I plan for it these days :LOL:
  17. The 'olds' were in melbourne doing the GOR run woth Sue and Lou from NSW, i'm not even sure if Mr or Mrs Charmed own a car.
    nearest place with bike shop is probably Shep, about 90k away

  18. Gee, never did this to my parents....that i can remember, if it hadn't been previously arranged, tough luck and find another way to solve the issue. (i'm serious) A few special cases were let through though.... :twisted:

    But if parents can/are willing to help.. then ask... just expect to do something for them in return... washing car, a few hours housework etc. 'tis only fair.

    Hope the P's went well.
  19. ----------------------

  20. ahh yeah, i read about them being down here.

    Well then, i hope he got the problem solved one way or another.