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I hate you and I hope you die horribly

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. This is a public servive announcement from me to the low life, useless, oxygen wasting, dole draining bogan scum who stole my bike last night. If I see you riding it, I'm going to run you over, then insert my large sized KBC up your rectum. Prepare to die. :evil: :evil:

    That is all.
  2. Does that mean it wasn't insured :?:
    Mate, gotta hate them people that think your property is now there's.
  3. Whilst not wishing to interupt the inventive, colorful and well deserved flow of insults, why don't you post some details?
    Color, make, reg...etc....?
    Then we could all assist in the goal of removing the oxygen thief from the planet....(or at least looking for the wheels..) :)
  4. sorry to hear dude
    here's hoping they find it, these things do sometimes resurface.
  5. Bastard!....just make sure he is still alive after being run over though, or he won't fully appreciate the KBC.........

    There really is nothing to say when your bike is stolen, it burns man, it really burns...
  6. Sucks that this happened. Hopefully the bike will turn up unscathed (well, it might)

    Can understand your anger although I have no idea what a KBC is
  7. It's only a bike :roll:

    nah go get him :evil: :evil:
  8. Ah yes, good idea. It's a 92 GPX250, black with green and purple detailing, about 79k km on it, ACT rego 68868, has scratches on rhs exhaust and fairings. pics: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=32016&highlight=
  9. Brand of helmet.

    Man, that sucks dude!!! Kick 'em for me when you find them.
  10. A large round object, weighs a 1kg or 2, made of plastic, with some nice sticky-outy vents for extra pain.
  11. how was it stolen?
  12. May I suggest an alternative?


    Thieving scum... :evil:
  13. OK, I never do well on brand name recognition tests.

    Sounds like it could be difficult to fit. You may need to lube it up with some jalapeno sauce or something
  14. Without the owner's consent or knowledge :p

    That sucks 2ndCC, hope you find the ****ing **** and kill him.
    I'll testify you were in Sydney the whole time.

    Meanwhile - who knows about small short-range tracking devices?
    I know sat-tracking gets expensive etc, but is there something small that could be attached while you carry something else that beeps faster, the closer you get to your bike or something?

    DUK - you know about electronic stuff on bikes - whaddaya reckon? I'd buy one.
  15. Bugger - I've seen a couple of GPXs in that scheme around but while we're they're not exactly white camrys I doubt they were yours - where in Canberra was it pinched from ?
  16. In Belconnen, Emu Ridge
  17. Well???

    Was it insured 2CC? :?:
  18. Hunt the bastards down using Netrider for your eye's and ears
  19. I'll keep my eyes open Mitch, if the person is dumb enough to steal it, their probably dumb enough to park it at the cicic :twisted:
    Ethier way i'll keep it in my mind when riding around, sorry to hear
    mate :(
  20. actually, those things are getting cheaper
    I'm sure I saw the one below advertised somewhere with a year of service for around 500
    which isn't bad, considering it's the same price as an alarm. and instead of deterring thieves, (never put the kit sticker on your bike) police will get your bike back and possibly half a dozen others if they track it to a rebirthing garage/warehouse, and tracking down the prick who took your wheels. and the thieving bastard's charge goes from single auto-theft to GTA and you can pay Bubba to look after him in the showers for a year or two.
    Bubba likes cigarettes.