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I hate trucks!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SlCKB0Y, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. OK, here is my whinge.

    I posted here afew times about getting a bike etc, and about two weeks ago I ended up getting a 6 month old vtr250 with 800kms on it.

    My first ride was about 25kms from the southern suburbs of sydney along the princes highway, over southern cross drive, through the eastern distributor and harbour tunnel, and then some traffic to my home.... all at a fairly busy time of 4pm on a saturday so i figure ...i might as well just start riding straight on the road.

    Anyways... two weeks later, things are good, ive done nearly a thousand k's so i decide to go for my first ride up to the old pacific hwy. I ride past berowra, take a wrong turn, and end up on the f3 northbound. As if that doesnt suck enough, the wind today in sydney especially on the freeway was absolutely insane on my 250. so riding along at what feels to be the dangerously slow speed of 80, when i get a semi trailer right up my date. I speed up a little to about 90/95 just to try and keep him happy (my L plate visible the whole time).

    So as it turns out, a semi trailer thought it would be a good idea to be less than a car length behind a learner rider, doing about 90kms an hour in high wind. in my mirrors all i could see was mack truck, and he was so close i couldnt see all of him, nor anything else... the place where i was had nowhere to pull off either really.....so i tried to ignore him, concentrate on my riding, and take the next exit. he eventually overtook me, and cut me off with about a car length in front of me to the back of his trailer. I took the next exit, found my way back to the PH, and had a very enjoyable ride.

    Now my question is this...why would he do such a thing? is it maybe amusing and a power trip to put someone like me purposefully in serious danger? or was he just so f#$cked up on pills and lack of sleep he was oblivious?

    Either way it scared the crap out of me.

    Any advice for situations like this? I didnt want to slow down too much as i didnt want to antagonise him and/or make him to something abruptly.
  2. Why couldnt you speed up and change lanes?
    I understand that you poor suckers are limited to an 80km/h speed limit but what Magistrate is going to convict you if all you wanted to do was to get out of the way of a truck?

    Trucks are hard to drive slow and if he was approaching an incline they really do need to get a run up to it otherwise they just about go backwards.

    Just a thought........
  3. Hi Sickboy there was a segment on a current affairs a few weeks ago about truckies tail gatting there was a number to ring if u got the rego of the truck i think thay phone the company and the the driver would be given something like a warnig and if he or she got x amont they loose there drive for that company sorroy can't remember the phone number
  4. I agree
    Fcuking current affair shows... Lucky they dont run a stereotypical target show on the motorcyclist and our anti social behavior.. people could take your rego and ring to say how ignorant they are about riding...
  5. Anyone following me too closely would always cop a brake check!
    Whilst riding along i would keep the throttle on at constant speed and then either tap my foot brake or hand brake lever a couple times to activate the brake light. If they didn't get the idea after a couple times then i would either change lanes (if possible) or turn around and give them a spray.
    I value my safety and anyone who is prepared to endanger it had better watch out!! Repeated instances of tailgating me would bring out the beast inside and then they will know not to do it again! :evil: I hope.

    (hopefully i don't sound psycho! :wink: )
  6. Brake check for an 18 wheeler fully laden thats moving at 100km/h........................?

  7. Hey if the driver wants to go tailgating in the first place then that's his problem!
    And if the original poster was in the outside lane then the truck should have passed anyway. Brake checking will just give them more incentive to do so.

    p.s my version of brake checking doesn't actually involve slowing down, just light activation.
    And doing it within reason too! Of course i wouldn't do anything too stupid with a huge truck bearing down on me!! But they should also be driving responsibly as well, you'd hope anyway.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were advocating the "I am in the right, sure, dead, but still in the right" mentality :)

  9. No way mate!
    No point being right if you end up in the morgue!!! :)

    But i will make my point to the offending driver, just in a safe way.
    I have a strong aversion to extreme pain!!!!
    You are better that he sat up your arse then passed you than getting a run and blowing past a 120-130kph
    and for cutting you off , mosty bikes sit in his slip stream , so you would have been right in the perfect spot too pop in and stop getting beaten about by the wind.
    as they pass you roll of the throttle a bit , cut down the passing time and when he is clear to come in flashing him with your high beem.

    he will look after you if you look after him .

    I hade a truck , who i gave courtosey too and i sat in his slip stream and popped my head out every now and then to let him know i was still there , further down the road he touched the brake lights and flicked the hazards on , i dropped back and away from the truck and there were bits of tyres on the road .
    if he hadnt of warned me i would have hit a retread carcus .
    i got up beside him , thanked him and pulled away to my exit .

    point is , sometimes they can be your best friends , other times they blow you off the road , be courtous , wave them around , make room for them , roll of and cut there passing time , flash when they clear your bike etc .
    they just might save your arse like they did mine .
  11. hahaha

    Never heard of the flashing trucks when they are passed you I've heard of rolling off so they can just change lanes and then change back. always something new... or old :wink:
  12. You see the headlight flashing all the time on the interstate runs. We did the Melbourne-Sydney run recently overnight, and the trucks always flash their headlights at the truck that has just passed them to indicate that the overtaking truck is far enough in front to move back to the left lane.
  13. I only live 15 mins away from brisbance CBD, i don't do that much highway stuff, i go down to surfers on thursday nights or for day trips when we get bored, i'll keep this in mind tho.
  14. Well, I'm sorry to be a dissenting voice here, but my highway experience has been that truckies tend to treat motorcyclists well on the road. There seems to be something of a brotherhood since we both seem to be particular targets for police harrassment, and they tend to look out for you and give you a break.

    Of course, there are exceptions and the truckie can probably point out to you any number of incidents where motorcyclists have made his life difficult too, but that doesn't excuse it, of course.

    One example should suffice. How many times have you changed lanes quickly in front of a truck while the lanes of traffic are slowing down for a set of lights? It's very easy to do as a bike is so nimble. But trucks require greater distances to brake than cars or bikes, and jumping in front of them on the run-up to the lights greatly reduces their distance to brake and can be quite dangerous for you and them.

    I give truckies a break, even round town. I always wave as I pass them and always toot and thank them when they pull over and let me slip by on a single-lane road.

    As the old road safety adage used to say "Courtesy is catching"
  15. Yup this i a fairly std manovour for interstate rigs at least and most local truckies do it too, it a team effort thing it means the overtaking driver can concentrate on the road ahead and you know when you see the flash oh lights in your mirror that your clear of the other truck and its safe move move back in.

    Sickboy as to your original post i do sympathise with you and unless he was an Ash**** truckie he prob didn't like being in that possition either,
    But having been is this situation many times b4, please consider this b4 you paint all truckies in the same light.

    Your 80kph limit sucks and remember most truckies are bikers too, so we share a common bond on the road, both as users and as enemys of the state ( police ) lol
    But perhapes he was fully loaded and the road at that time was almost maxing his pwr/trq range, therefore he didn't have the power to get around you without putting you in MORE peril! ( fancy a semi overtaking you at 83kph ? it would take forever or even not at all ) so he made a consious decision to ( yes sit abit close ). but in a fully loaded and maxed out truck a drop in just 5 kph can mean alot of gear changes to gain that 5kph back.
    Im not condoning or justifieying this trucks actions, but at least try too see the trucks point of view.
    He could have been just a Dic*
    or was it other reasons why he sat where he did?
    I know when i made to choice to do it i had the brakes covered at all times
    just in case ! But i could also see alot more of the road and could antisipate the vehicals movements that i was behind.
  16. I find truckies outside the cities to be brilliant. The ones on the suburban/metro fwys tend to have more prick drivers from my experiences. Guys that have no problems with roaring up behind other vehicles and sitting way too close.
  17. Sickboy, i do that run everyday on my little CBX-250 ....
    (not half as quick as yours!)

    When i started (on Ls) on the freeway, the trucks were what f**ked me up .. big time ....

    You'd get into the left lane (very rarely left it actually) and sit on your 80Kph ....

    A truck would sit behind you, indicate then overtake you....pulling in with meters to spare.. i eventually learned to trust that they knew the length of their trucks.....

    BUT when approaching a hill and them getting down to 40/30 kph, i count NOT over take them... i couldnt see far enough behind me to pull out into 110kph traffic safely.... so i sat there .....

    Now I'm licensed, i feel much safer on the freeway, and I'm even finding that truckies can be your best mates.... they will flash you when it is safe to pull in front of them, and as one guy here said, they will even warn you of upcoming dangers...

    the trick is to act tlike them.. when you get flashed from behind, and you safely pull in fron tof them, give your indicators a little left, right, left action - this is the universay truckies "Thank you" message ....

    Good luck out there ! - its a lot of fun !
  18. No excuse for irresponsible driving. Particularly toward someone still on their L's.
  19. Irresponsable is those halfwits those guys have as politicians that reckon you are safer doing 80km/h on a freeway thus forcing you to be moving at 20km/h less than the vehicle screaming up your date .

    That is something that the NSW people should have changed.
    It was in place here too till they woke up and removed that rule.
  20. BANG! 2 pionts for VIC, do you know if they have that in QLD/Brisbane?