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I hate these threads but...suggest a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Now I know why people start these. I've just spent an hour looking for somehting but there are just so many choices!

    Basically I want to sell on the Across. She's got more than a few k's on her and I reckon if I don't do it now i'll end up losing a lot of resale value.
    I'd like to move up a little but am still LAMs restricted. I've had my Ps for about 6 weeks.

    I really prefer at least partially faired bikes when it comes to aesthetics but I could get naked at a push. (why is the GS400E but not the GS400F on the list?! limited p/w difference)

    I use the bike mostly for commuting but will be taking longer and longer rides as I build up my ability as at the moment my version of the twisties is the Spit Rd! (for those of you who know northern sydney)

  2. Isn't there about a thousand speed cameras at the spit road? Be careful. Try a cibby 250 on for size, but i personally would wait the year. It might be beneficial to weigh up how many kays would you put on it by the time you get your blacks and the associated loss in resale values, versus the cost of buying another bike (stamp duty etc), if you are worried about the financial aspect of it. I can't see it being cheaper to buy a new bike, as from my perspective, the more kays you put on a bike, the less it seems to matter that you put on a few more, if that makes any sense. Like a bike with 2000 km will depreciate more by the time it gets to 7000km, than say, a bike with 46000 by the time it gets to 51000. Hope that helps.

  3. Do you like the Across?

    If your only problems with it are the amount of kms and resale value, I'd keep it if I were you.

    The Across is a decent bike, similar capacity LAMs bikes are not going to be "vastly" better in any meaningful way than an Across in decent nick.

    By the end of your Ps you will likely be very keen to get a non-LAMs bike, I would argue, you will "lose" more money in total selling the Across now, buying another LAMS bike only to sell that and get a non-LAMS bike in 12 months, than if you were just to hold onto the Across and sell it for whatever it's worth in 12 months.

    There are probably only 3 exceptions to this,

    You simply don't care too much about power/sports ie you get a gs500 and are happy to sit with it forever (after Ps)

    You want a cruiser, some of the LAMS criusers will probably keep you happy after Ps

    You love Motards, there are some good options that are within LAMS, that you'd keep after Ps

    This is all assuming the Across is in decent condition and just has a few kms on it...........
  4. So what if you loose $1000 or $1500 that's still less than any decent change over will cost.
    If the Suzi is holding together keep it and sell if for what its worth at the end then upgrade if you want to.
    The GS500 is worth a look if you must change now but bike for bike I'd be sticking with the 250.
  5. Interesting points guys.

    I suppose yes I am happy with the Across (aside from the handbag jokes!) although I would like a little more oomph as it were. But I suppose as you say this could happen again in 11 months and i'll end up losing more money long term.

    I won't be able to afford a new bike by any stretch of the imagination. Even coming off my Ps i'll only spend 5-6k. So every little helps.
    I'm guessing I'll only get about 2,500 out of the Across when I sell it, if even, so I suppose I don't stand to lose that much if I keep it for another year?
  6. any lams bike isnt going to give you as much 'oomph'.

    Those bikes are lams for a reason. a cbr250 (of similar kind of bike) might be a bit zappier, and a bit more fun of the twisties but isnt going to be a big difference.
  7. right, i'll keep her then.

  8. Wise choice mate. It'll make sense in the long run.
  9. IMO its a waste of your time and money going from one LAMS bike to another. The year will go quick. Learn to ride the bike you have now. The bike you have now is LAMS so there will always be a strong demand for it.