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I hate the rain already!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paulie, May 6, 2005.

  1. So! as we all know I've only been riding for about a week and I guess you,re all probably sick to death of reading my posts but anywho..

    I was writing home from the girls house tonight still a little wobbly and stuff cause I'm new at riding and it started raining, it was HORRIBLE!!! I don't think I'll ever ride in the wet again! the road is just so damn slippery and its so hard to see! I thought I was gonna slide it a few times on corners and roundabouts...

    Do many people not ride during the wet?

  2. i reckon riding in wet is just as fun as riding in the dry, just have to concentrate harder.
  3. Take is easy in the wet, take it very very cautiously in roundabouts in the wet as they collect crud like you wouldn't believe. Try to keep your throttle and braking gentle and consistent. You will learn heaps about riding and control in the wet that you won't in the dry. It rains out there, deal with it and enjoy.
  4. Riding in the wet is almost the same as riding in the dry.
    Increase your braking distance, watch for tram tracks/expansion joints, white lines and roundabouts.

    The rest is the same :)
  5. Being as smooth as you can is the key. Don't do anything suddenly and you'll be fine.

    It poured rain, the first night I had the blade and pretty much for the rest of the week. You'll come to terms with and get over the fear factor.
  6. i ride everyday , rain hail or shine
    as the others said , increase your braking distance , watch for objects on the road , and be SMOOTH .
    also dont be scared of the rain , respect it , be cautious of it , but not scared of it .
    you will find riding in the rain at time can be enjoyable, its a pain sometimes but its a part of what makes riding the enjoyment of what it is.
    The more you do it the better you will become at it and you will find that it will become as easy as riding in the dry .
    I prefer the rain to real windy days personally.
  7. Hmmm. Ex-pat pom here. Rode a (stage-one tuned) ZX-10 everyday to work for two years, a round trip of about 90km.

    Rain, fog, sleet, snow - funny thing is, I can't ever remember actually riding on dry roads (but that's probably because I have senile dementia).

    Count yer blessings.
  8. ...............and another thing.

    Doesn't grobertso3 ever go to bed. I've got young children. What's your excuse?
  9. 2 reasons
    1. i work nightshift
    2. I am a nurse
    thats why the hospital system is crap :LOL:
  10. Jeez!

    Am I gonna ride extra careful from now on.......
  11. your safe mate , your in NSW , they have nough problems up there without us :LOL:
  12. Riding in the rain

    Yeh, we have a heap of problems up here, but rain isn't one of them. Reckon you can send some of that legendary Melbourne rain up here, we need it bad.
  13. I dont mind riding in the rain now - a few things to make the rain pleasurable
    - waterproof suit
    - rain X and anti-fog on the visor so u can see properly
    - remember that cars wont see you AT ALL but they tend to be slower and more timid in the wet

    - having good tyres helps and avoid accelerating or braking during corners, just keep slow constant speed through them
  14. Don't ever feel you are taking a corner/roundabout too slow. Speed is a funny thing on a bike and you are probably going faster than it feels. If I feel I need to tiptoe through a corner because I think the grip won't be there, I will. There is no such thing as a "minimum" safe speed. I keep mentioning roundabouts as I recon they are the least grippy of any corner. I'll take a straight as line as possible or a very cautious line around them. Roundabouts are a classic off camber corner and can have oil anywhere in them.
  15. Re: Riding in the rain

    I thought you guys got about twice the rainfall we did - just on a lot less days. So when it rains in Sydney, it buckets down, but here it just keeps drizzling for weeks at a time. :p
  16. Rain? whats that?

    The most rain we have had in Wagga is as little grey cloud :shock:
  17. Got caught in the rain for the first time last night. Was getting droplets on my helmet, so I pulled over and donned the RJays overpants then hopped back on the bike. It soon started raining heavily. Wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but visability was a bit of an issue and, as others have said, I learnt some valuable stuff about my brakes. Up until last night I had managed to stay a fair weather rider, but now I'm all good for the wet! :)

    I think they should make gloves with a detachable velcroed towel/fleece bit on top of the wrist for wiping visor, like they do with snowboard gloves. All I got was sno-sealed leather streakiness when I tried to clear my vision.
  18. We could do with some rain here to . Might have to do the nude rain dance soon if we dont get any.
  19. photographic evidence will be required.
  20. Not sure if that's a wise call. :?