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I hate the justice system! (rant)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Audible, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. I don't know if anybody remembers, or even cares about me (most likely the later ) but I have finally decided to go for my licence upgrade so that I can ride something else beside pokey little 50cc scooters.

    The problem with W.A is there is a back log, or delay for the test and the day that I went and got my permit, I was advised to book my test due to the 3 -4 month delay for the booking. The date I had booked is the 15th of august.

    Then last friday, I get a letter in the mail from the sheriff's office. I have been summoned for Jury duty starting monday the 13th of august.


    I could try to get out of it, but I doubt that going for a license qualifies as appropriate circumstances and I'll have to cancel my booking and have to wait untill october/november before I can go for my license!

    Who says that crime doesn't pay? At least if I was a criminal, It would stop all these juror summons turning up, my third in 5 years.

    The whole justice system stinks. Now I have to be "punished" for the crime of being a non criminal and get paid some piss ant chump change "compensation" for loss of income and have to sit in some old court room just to declare some multi million dollar fraudster guilty and the stuffy old judge can hand out yet another 100 hour community work order.

    I wonder how much the fine is for non attendance? :evil:
  2. Send a letter requesting to be able to not attend, on the grounds that you have the licence test and teh delay will be so long.
    The worst that happens is they reply saying stiff bikies, and you have lost nothing other than a stamp (And envelpe).
  3. I am already trying that avenue. But I doubt they will allow it as I don't need the license. it's an upgrade so they'll see it as a luxury. All depends on the info I submit and how far I "disguise" the truth.

    Failing that, I'm hoping to leave the booking stand untill monday the 13th and see if I get selected for jury. 12 out of 30 chance of that happening and If I get picked I can ring up during the lunch break and cancel.

    But I'll be querying to see what the fine is for non attendance. if's it's only a couple of hundred dollars, that might be my best way out. I'd loose that easy missing one week of work and taking their pathetic chump change "pay" for attendance.

    What I can't figure is why do the jury get a harsher penalty than the person who will be on trial if found guilty?
  4. You still need to be selected from the pool of potential jurors on the day. Just glare menacingly at the defendant, and his brief will challenge your appointment! :)
    (worked for me.)
  5. (eyebrow)
  6. Oh I know the tricks. This is my third call up in five years after all and I avoided it last two times.

    Don't shave for a week, don't bathe for 3 days, cough like you have the flu, turn up in old rags and some baked beans for breaky will hopefully persuade them all they don't want me in the court room with them for a week!
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  8. There are 2 ways to write that letter though...

    I want to be exempt from jury duty because I have a license renewal test on that day.

    I need to be exempt from jury duty as a license test crucial to my current employment is on that day, and can not be rebooked for a number of months - I would lose my job.

    One of those is probably a little more likely to get you out of it...

    OR, get your doc to write you a note saying you have a broken [thing] and are unable to leave your home for * number of weeks.
  9. Plenty of bikies will tell you they've been stiffed... :grin:
  10. Wear that SPECIAL T Shirt - You know, the one that says.

    "I Believe in Capital Punishment"

    Bet you won't get picked.
  11. That doesn't work.

    A guy I was pooled with the first time I got dragged in for Jury Duty had a drug related T shirt on and he got picked (for a drug case). I've been dragged in twice and picked for a case both times :roll:

    I suggest you send a letter and a copy of your test notification and ask for a stay of your duty, in other words don't ask to be excused but ask them to delay it.

    Good luck.
  12. I've only ever been picked once and I wrote a letter "from" my employer saying I had to work and could not be made available for jury duty. Then I got him to sign it. If you have an understanding employer then they don't usually mind doing this even if you aren't rostered on that day.
  13. +1 (me too)
  14. I want to get picked for jury duty.....but only if its an interesting case.
  15. jd

    A grand? WTF! Man and I thought that the only crooks in the justice system where defendants and lawyers. Either way I loose dough. Either in the difference between their piss ant "compensation for loss of income" which is about 50 bucks per day, or take a thousand buck slug. I tell you, If I get one of those two month cases, I'm outa there.

    Well duffman, what do you look like? If you look a bit like me, you can take my place. :p
  16. well if nsw is anything to go by, i can tell you, the fine for non-attendence is $2,200, i forgot i had jury duty and rang the sheriff's office he said i was lucky as it had been canceled i was supposed to have called up the day before to confirm, if it hadn't beeen cancelled i would be copping the $2,200 fine