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I hate reading stories like this. Rider killed in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. S%&T,
    Easy to do, i had a little slide this morning wile pulling up to some lights on a wet bit of road.
  2. not good. i first heard about this when i received a frantic phonecall from my fiance this morning - i take that way to work about that time everyday.
  3. I had a brake lock up this morning also, but it was on a relatively dry patch of road. Damn car in front could not decide whether to run the amber light or not ! Either that or he/she was half asleep or on the mobile phone or both !

    I pulled up quite nicely, with some rubber smoke at the end and the cheesy grin from the guy in the ute who pulled up next to me, it must have looked wicked from behind !

    I think experience in mountain bike riding and balance help me out in this situation.
  4. Thats Nasty, I always watch the traffic reports on Sunrise etc. and makes me feel sorry for the poor dudes everytime they get knocked off. :eek:hno:

    Up here in Brisbane, people have a real issue with checking their mirrors/blind-spots etc and indicate as they are changing lanes rather than indicating to let people know their intentions, Absolute chaos when your on the bike I reckon, thats where the "sixth sense" (otherwise you will be seeing dead-people :grin:) will be coming into play. Unfortunately this guy I don't think had a chance with a dirty great crane coming up behind him... [-o<
  5. Biker Killed Sydney

    Just been told by a guy at work that a biker was killed this morning on Millitary Road in Sydney. Says he hit a crane. Hoping that maybe it is an early report and maybe they're ok.

    Anyone else in Sydney heard anything?

  6. ..sounds like it's you that was half asleep, or you wouldn't have had to lock 'em up in order to stop ;)

    If you were concentrating, and had a decent buffer you would have pulled up nice and easily. Maybe you were concentrating on the traffic report through your bud headphones instead of concentrating on riding?

    If only people would quit tailgating and/or try concentrating a little harder on what's going on around them.

    I'm very sorry to hear about the guy that died.

    It's so easy to become a stastistic if you become complacent.

    Concentrate on what's going on around you, and maintain a decent buffer.


  7. All's I heard was the traffic report this morning which mentioned a motorcyclist killed in Mosman... Haven't heard anything since though...
  8. Sh*t...........I was hoping he might have been ok..........
  9. yeah, maybe i'm somewhat to blame because i wanted to run the amber. :p
    But the car in hit his/her brakes twice with a flash of an indicator ! Now thats pure indecisiveness.
  10. I think that is my biggest fear on a bike ... coming off and into the path of another vehicle and being run over :(

    Condolences to family and friends.
  11. Sounds like your travelling to close for comfort with the cages, best be splitting lanes and going through intersections &being visible to the cagers either side of you rather than travelling right up their arses.
    If the cage brakes hard infront of you and you have to lock up, what about cages behind you? Friggin dangerous way to get to work, start splitting or keep more distance between you and them.
  12. Some one went down on the Monash in melb today at wellington rd and was bblocking traffic for sometime, they didint mention his 'status'.
  13. Another case of tailgating going wrong, unfortunately the crane happen to be coming along and.................

    By the way if the traffic is moving at the speed limit you shouldn't be splitting anyway as you would need to be speeding to do it and none of us speed driving/riding to work do we :wink:

    Condolances to his family, friends and work mates.
  14. that really sucks.... I always get nervous in front of trucks and buses and do whatever I can to get away from them.

    I hate reading and hearing about that stuff too. A friend of mine whos a journalist decided to tell me about her day yesterday it went something like this..

    Friend: Hows you bike going
    Me: Good
    Friend: i interviewed two paraplegics today for a story.
    Me: whats the story about?
    Friend: motorcycle accidents.....

    Shes a very sweet girl, very cool and love hanging with her, but for F%$K sake, i really don't wanna hear stuff like that :evil: . She says she tells me just to remind me to be careful...how cute. I really really appreciate it but read enough about that stuff from you guys.
  15. according to a post on the bikers anon site, a first hand witness reported that the cab swerved across two lanes of traffic to get a fare :?
  16. i read this yesterday very sad R.I.P.
  17. I hate hearing about this kind of thing too, I don't know if it's only lately (i'm new to riding, so probably didn't pay too much attention before) but there seems to be alot of bad accidents recently.
    But hearing about them makes you think twice when making decisions on the road, both on my bike and in my car.

    Condolences to family and friends
  18. I wonder if the taxi did the usual sudden brake for a fare?? If that was the case I wonder how the person stopping the taxi feels?