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I hate people who rush and don't look

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Well I had just popped over to see my girlfriend and was heading home (30 second ride) as I had been to the hospital to drop some paperwork for my upcoming surgery off. I was turning right into a street. A taxi was coming up up towards the same street and my street isn't flush with the taxi drivers street, about a car length or two. Anyway I'm turning into the street (just took off) and he arrives at the street and DOESN'T STOP as he continues to turn left into the street and same direction as me. I still had my right foot on the ground lifting up and grabbed some front brake. That equates the bike tumbling over to the right as the taxi driver kept going. Luckily some people in the car behind me stopped and helped me pick up the bike. 2 ladies and a gimp lifting the bike, hehe.

    End result, a little bit of scratching to the fairing, little to the right indicator and me very very peeved off. I took the bike home and just sitting here so I won't do anything stupid. Feeling mega pissed off. Well there is one taxi driver who mad eit to his destination a little bit quicker I guess :roll:

  2. nooooooooooo not the trumpy :shock:

    Hope you're feeling OK mate, bloody taxi drivers a menace on the road.
  3. Hey Undii, Put your bike in the garage and fcuking leave it there till your 100% FFS.
    This is what number 3 in just as many weeks?
  4. oh, well glad to hear you did stop and look, or things could of been alot worse then just the scratch. Can see how that woul dpiss you of though

    Cheers stewy
  5. You should've got his number plate or taxi number. That's causing an accident, so he's liable for your damages.
    You could even go as far as ringing the taxi company and asking which driver was at X place at X time. Most likely they'll be co-operative. Go and make a police report anyway and report it to your insurance company.
    They'll be able to work out from the records which cab it was and you'll get your bike fixed for free.
  6. Oh make an annoymous ph call to the taxi dispatch & report the driver for his lack of common sence road rules.

    Might ease the pissed off feeling. But thats as far as I would go. Like you said "dont want to do anything stupid"

    Be glad it was only scratches.
  7. NO! Scratches on the baby... How did you pull through nay strains extra pains? farking taxt drivers suck ballz... Call in and blast the yellow cab service or who ever it was...

    Not to intentionaly offen any taxi driver here but I dont believe its just one or two bad driver but some serious compentcy issues with a lot taxi drivers....
  8. *nod* All I saw was a taxi going to the same place I was. Don't know what company but I htink theres only 3 or 4 taxi places in melbourne? Can't be bothered , it is nothing 'bad' so to speak.

    PNUT, I think that's good advice! The incident I had @ bob's place, walking the bike onto the road and this (I can't recall any near misses or cut offs or whatver else? So I'd say it's the second 'down' in 4 weeks or so) Still, it's too much. I have been pushing my luck I guess, 2,000kms is enough for me for the time being! Time to concentrate on the hospital and surgery stuff and hope I'm all better by summer or before it :). I gotta stop kidding myself and say I'm good enough to ride as it shows in times of need for my right arm, it does fcuk up.

    I promise you won't hear any bad stories from me now :grin: Time to kick back and play some games on my consoles and RELAX! (Something I'm not used to doing I guess, I HATE BEING IDLE) but I will learn to love it.

    <- Think I've just woken up to myself!
  9. No pains mate, just mental pains! But as I said above, I think it is time I stop riding for a while and make sure nothing worse happens! Well I guess with taxi drivers it is them simply being on the road too much for not enough $$. They feel the need to rush rush rush! Been in a few taxi's of late since I can't drive and OMG, some of them make you bloody scared whilst being in them :shock:
  10. Bugger, bad news about the small off. Definitely time to perfect those gaming skills, watch Foxtel and surf the internet.
  11. oh no!

    Dirty secret: I dropped mine last Friday. Didn't want to tell anyone, but I think you deserve to know.