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I hate my bike.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tiga, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. I'm pretty sure the "hate" is mutual 'cause it sure doesn't like going for me.

    It's broken down at my place (4 times), on a freeway, in small towns (2 times), on a dark and twisty road in the middle of the night and as of last night also at the botanical gardens.

    I've had bits of the bike fall off, levers jam, battery acid that doesn't stay in the battery and plugs & exhaust that foul (always a favorite).

    In fact I think I'm over it :roll:

    The Halls Gap trip is in two and a half weeks and if it's not running just great by then I'm getting a new bike.

    OK, rant over.....
  2. You meet the nicest people on a Honda......
  3. what year is it?

    If its pre 2000 its just confirming my view of 'newer is better'....of course not all older bikes are like this, but a newer bike is less likely to break down.
  4. Better not shout out too loud, all the 2 stroke nay sayers will use this poor bike as a stick to beat the mosquito foggers (sorry 2 strokes) over the head with.

    Could be that the poor little thing has had a really hard life or maybe it was just a crap design to start with :roll:

    Might be time to give it up as a bad joke and go for something different.
  5. sorry to hear, as i know the about of time and money you have already spent on it.....
  6. Ahhh come on, you have to keep it. For those of us who are in the back of the pack (and usually lost) all we have to do is smell the air for the Aprilia, and then were back on track. :LOL:

  7. Uh oh.
    What sort of bike are you considering for your next one?
  8. My bet's on anything that isn't Italian. :LOL:
  9. I was just thinking, I hope that it doesn't put you off other Italians.
  10. Hiya AprilliaGirl - I get the picture that if you had to buy a learner bike again, you'd probably do some things different... why not share those for the noobs.


  11. Any chance of warranty claims?
  12. I had a mate who bought a 99 RS125 and had the same trouble with it. Went well for a week then wouldn't start. Took it to the dealer he bought it from and they apparently fixed it. On the freeway on the way home from the dealer it stopped again. This happened numerous times until it got stolen.
  13. I bet the cops found it easy to catch the thief! :LOL:
  14. ha, unfortunately it would have been in pieces before he realised it was gone. no insurance and my mate was left paying his parents back the money he borrowed for it. He only had it for 2 months and it spent most of that time in the shop.
  15. :cool: Honda & Kawasaki could'nt agree more :LOL:
  16. Well about the fouling, the bike isnt really made for touring unless you plan to give it a hand full all the time. Two strokes foul up (oil build up) when ridden under load at low revs. They really are a little race bike for the road. But saying that you could have the oil injection turned down a bit if you dont rev the shit out of it.

    But like you said, thats only one of the problems.
  17. Dump the Aprilia - a means of transport that isn't reliable is more trouble and stress than its worth.

    Buy a Honda.
  18. its a 2 stroke, they ALL break down :roll:

    would you like some examples of newer bikes breaking down? shit happens, and it has sweet FA to do with age :wink:
  19. Say after me kawasaki kawasaki kawasaki :grin:
  20. Well after that Sales Pitch every one will want to buy it from you :wink: