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I hate it when.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wedge, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. I sneeze in my helmet and i coat the inside with snot :LOL:

  2. or when you party too hard, ride home the next day with a baaaad hangover, and only just get the helmet off in time to chuck. Or cant get the zip of the tent undone to get out and chuck. Damn that sux. From the 'olden days' when I used to go to a rally every w'end.
  3. when you crawl to the end of your hutchie to take a leak and then realise your back home and it's the end of your bed......... god I hated Kangaroo '89
  4. +1 for the sneezing!
  5. I spend $160 in one night :evil:
    Can't go riding because I have a summer cold and don't want to fill my helmets with teh germz :evil:
  6. You reckon Kangaroo 89 was bad, Kangaroo 81 really sucked, God those yanks were stupid .. $100 for a slouch hat :p
  7. when you have a bigger night then anticipated last friday and couldnt go testing riding bikes the day after you got of restictions coz you woke up in a maccas 20km's from where your bike is and your still to drunk to ride anyway
  8. dont you hate it when........you hok up a big ball of phlem and it sits on the chin guard just inside your line of vision.

    dont you hate it when.......due to roadworks youve been directed to the right hand emergency lane with all the other traffic and about 1k from the end a huntsman decides to crawl up the incide of your visor.......in your helmet no one can hear you scream........I didn't know ho much noise their tiny little 8 feet make when walking across a visor :shock:
  9. Ah, the good old days :LOL:

    .....wasn't that just before christmas Speed :rofl: jk
  10. when your riding past googong and see a snot green xr falcon up ahead and get pulled over and done for 15 over :LOL: wedge
  11. Don't you hate it when..

    You get frustrated by traffic and you see a cool sweeping corner turnoff so you blast it, then realise thats the complete opposite direction of where you're going. Totally worth it though :cool:
  12. is that how you ended up riding the wrong direction after the northern ride? :LOL:
  13. Don't you hate it when..

    Your going 110km/h around a blind corner only to have your road turn to dirt and gravel.
  14. you hock out a loogie before realising the visors closed.

    i hate it when....

    my sister and her bf, (my best mate), have one of their usual domestics, then she bottles him, he pushes her away, she falls, breaks her wrist, the ambulance and police come, the police harrass you, your mate runs away yelling "catch me you f'n fat cnt", and i yell, "he's on parole, f** off don't run after him he'll turn around and he'll hit you", then they harrass you some more, and after aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAALL that, the yelling, screaming, fighting, handcuffing, and threatening, they write it off as a domestic then you end up waiting in the hospital for 2 hours with your sisters wrist broken and the boyfriend there with both going, "i love you i'm sorry", while you and your gf go f*** this, only to drive them home and put ice on it and sort it out in the morning.

    might not move out with them after all.

    lol oh yeah, and i learnt the following lesson:

  15. :LOL: :LOL: LOL! No thats called geographically challenged :rofl:

  16. I would probably crash the bike if this happened!
  17. Yeah thats always bad...especially when another teacher sees you as they go past and the rest of the staff knows about it before you get to school :LOL:
  18. I hate it when.....i run out of fuel on the way to work and i live in the sticks :LOL:
  19. dont you love smaller towns/cities, theres no business like someone elses business
  20. ....someone puts up the same post as someone else, a day after one has already been posted :roll:
    Donchya just hate that.....