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I hate gravel ...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by GugaWedge, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Me and the Mrs went on a round trip to Bathurst and back to watch the race. 5 days, 1500 kms. Incredibly lucky with the weather, with the daily threat of storms culminating in only a stretch with rain on the blue mountains.

    The route contained all the great roads (Grafton-armidale, mudgee-bathurst, bells, putti). Amazing scenery and not an issue or scare, except...

    Coming into Tamworth we stopped at the motorcycle museum and when leaving the bike felt lazy but I didn't think much of it as we were tired and just wanted to get to the hotel in town. Waking up in the morning I realized that a gravel stone had lodged itself right in the middle of the rear tire, cutting through the carcass and causing a slash type puncture. I had a tire repair kit and lucky us the bike shops in town are open on Sat morning so after a new tire we were good to go.

    On Monday after enjoying 2 great rides through the Bells and the Putti we were just about to turn to Broke on our way to lunch when just on the turn off my wife has a front end slide on the gravel accumulated on the middle of the T intersection doing the usual combination of damage to the bike (bars, rear set, rear brake jammed) and somehow managing mix fluids on the engine meaning the bike is off for surgery and the end of our trip...

    Did I mention I hate gravel?

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  2. Me too.. :(
  3. You have had a bad run with Gravel, hopefully that will be it now and gravel will be your friend.
  4. What tyre was it?

    Just curious as I know of a few guys having this happen to one particular brand and model of tyre.
  5. Michelin Pilot Power III
  6. A week into getting my learners and I noticed a pot hole developing in a round about near my house. I was riding home from work a little later than normal and it was now nightfall, heading into the round about I knew I had to go wider to avoid the hole which had become rather deep.
    Little could I see in the lighting conditions that gravel out of the road had been flicked out to the outer side of the hole (my line through the round about).
    I was just starting to pull up and out of the round about when my front wheel hit the gravel causing the wheel to slip and the bike to drop down suddenly, if I were turning right if have dropped the bike and gone down but luckily as I had just started to pull up my instincts took over and I got out of there with nothing more than a very big fright.
    It was a quick realization that when it comes to riding, gravel is the enemy.
  7. I had a bit of a brown pants moment this afternoon with the young fella on the back taking a sweeping left hander at about 40 clicks, leaning the bike over enjoying the corner (given its the NE suburbs as there arent many), and hit gravel half way round. Rear starts slipping out trying to catch up to the front of the bike. Had to stand it up somewhat and get my left leg grounded to try and keep it upright. Luckily I caught it. Loose sh!t on bitumen is a biatch.
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    After the storms last night there was a lot of gravel on the roads today. Cut my ride short because of it.
    Good catch sir.

    Edit. I was around Kinglake.
  9. Lots of driveway washout gravel and leaf litter in the Dandenongs after the rains.
  10. I was in the farken suburbs!!! Would of expected it more in the hills. Noticed it, and thought I'd be OK, then realized I wasnt OK. It was really fine stuff.
  11. Had my first experience with slipping on gravel in corner on mountain road this morning - not a fan of that feeling!
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