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I hate gravel!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Sooty, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. No I haven't dropped the bike. With all this wet weather there's more debris laying over the road, particularly around corners and turns. In the past week I've managed to find two such pockets with the front tyre and that sidestep feeling is up there with the worst.

    You think you've done well in dodging the pot hole right in the middle of a turn just when you roll onto it's gritty vomit causing the tyre to dance around trying to find traction like an unpopular opposition leader.

    I didn't need the morning coffee.
  2. I'm with you, two of my favourite corners on my commute home have had gravel wash across them due to rain etc... seriously considered going there with a small hand brush to clean them up!!

    And yes, i'm with you, side stepping tires on sticks or gravel is a definite heart skipper...
  3. Just imagine if EVERY netrider carried a small brush and stopped and cleared the road when they came across a gravel strewn corner. Within a day ALL Australias roads would be significantly safer. You'd very rarely come across a corner with fresh gravel since the last rider went past, so would very rarely need to get the brush out...

    Now - how do we get people to do this? :?
  4. With a stout stick.
  5. Remember to stay on the power when things go wrong kids.
  6. call me crazy, but i like the sensation of the 'drift' when you hit the gas and a small patch of gravel at the same time.

    braking through it isn't so fun however.
  7. Theres also that eeire sensation when your leaned over, and hit a bump front/rear simultaneously, and get airborne, sideways.

    or was that just me.
  8. You are living on the edge!
  9. A few weeks ago a huge storm filled a slight dip in the road as you turn into my works driveway with gravel, the 1st i knew of it in the dark was when my bike was nearly over, i dont know how i stayed upright, couldn't see it at all at 6am, i parked my bike and waited for other riders to arrive and warned em before they went into it, went into work only to find the 1 rider that got in earlier than me had gone down in it, wasn't impressed that none that saw him stack figured they may want to warn the other 3 of us that ride in the same way every day, when i pointed out going into a work driveway could be a work cover compensation prize for injuries a person was instantly sent out with a shovel and broom
  10. Had my first drift under power last week.

    Was coming out of my folks street a little hot and bounced off a reflector with a fair bit of lean, rear bounces sideways and starts spinning up a storm on the road, was fun but a little scary! Good times.
  11. times like this you need to carry a broom for your favourite corners :p
  12. You would need:
    * Full Traffic control, including Certified Traffic controllers.
    * A council/shire/Government approved Traffic Control Plan.
    * A council/shire/Government approved Pedestrian Movement Plan.
    * A council/shire/Government approved Direction To Restrict Speed Limit.
    * A job specific council/shire/Government approved vehicle movement plan.
    * A Safe Work Method Statement for the duties to e performed.
    * A site specific Risk Assessment of the corner/pothole to be cleaned up.
    * A site induction record of who is allowed to perform works at this particular pothole.
    * All pothole/gravel sweepers would need to currently hold their Workcover Construction Industry General Induction Card (Blue & White card - prev. Green Card)

    oh, and Workers Comp insurance.
  13. Dont forget the union rep. :p

    Yes skipping the back tire is fun at first and then you think oh crap that was scary. First time was powering through a long corner and hit a bit of white line in the middle of the road and you feel the tire getting nervous and skittish.
  14. Location: roundabout 20 metres from home
    Rider: my flatmate
    Situation: building works down the road dropped gravel and sand everywhere, Rider attempted a 180 degree turn
    Speed: 15kmh
    Result: conveyed to hospital with suspected broken ankle (luckily just badly bruised)
    Catch: it was my bike, and a week before I was going to sell it
    Moral: never let anyone drop gravel on the road :)
  15. while the NR are sweeping the roads to make it safer, some cager is probs putting gravel on the road to do his drifts in