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I hate Funerals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by farawayman, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Just got back from a funeral of a guy that I would call a mate, yet I went though primary school with his two boys some 35 years ago. Seeing him buried with no immediate family there tore my heart apart. Both his boys were killed in accidents. The oldest took up the old mans trade in the bush and died when a tree branch broke off and kicked back onto him. He was to be married the following week.

    The younger son was killed in a bike accident leaving a young wife, a truck backed out onto the highway from a driveway just around a blind bend. Bobs wife blamed him for the death of both his sons. She left him soon after the first was killed.

    I went home and got on the bike to ride down, nice day and I know he would have liked that. He used to ride.

    Be careful out there
  2. Geez, could it get any sadder???? I reckon the only thing worse than dying would be dying knowing there was no-one around who cared.
  3. Check your pm, faraway.
  4. yeah life truly does suck sometimes :(
  5. Hornet, you make an interesting point there... I have thought about that on a number of occassions... Wondering who would be there and what would be said.... I guess in the end, it really would not matter.

    Sorry FarawayMan for the loss of your mate. Just remembering him and continue to ride will please him to no end.
  6. Sorry guys I am not looking for any sympathy. I just wrote down what I was feeling, just wanted to unload and tell you all that I don’t want to go to no more funerals.
  7. Yeah, I must admit that funerals are pretty depressing, I wish more people would be like the Irish and have wakes, where it can be a true celebration of the persons life rather than the remembrance of someone's passing.
  8. My last word on the subject;
    The only time you can tell someone you love him/her, or how much a person means to you, or how much you appreciate a word or deed, is when you are alive, or he/she is alive.
    All the nice words at a funeral don't count for anything unless you're BOTH there to hear them.
    Do it now, while you have the chance!

  9. That is absolutely true.............

    How many times since my son died have I thought those exact sentiments

    Well said Hornet, well said.

    Yeah funerals truly suck :cry:

  10. Having almost lost our precious son to several suicide attempts, I can tell you that I value life even more now. Tell 'em you love 'em while you can and often.
  11. Im with you on that one farawayman :cry: .
  12. Farawayman,

    Sorry to hear about your mate and his 2 sons. Remember the good times too eh?
  13. its all too true make the most of life while your on this earth, i recently wiped my grudges to siblings, lifes too short.
    make the most of everyday and you will lead a fulfilling life, with no regrets.
    i hope your friend lived this way, for he would have passed away happy.

    my condolences.

    ps: my grandfather recently passed away, we buried him first and a had a wake following. it really was great, because all the tears we shed, turned into laughter and before you knew it we were having a great time renembering the times we spent together. i think he would have been happy knowing he brought us all together for his funeral. not all funerals are sad.

  14. That's good logic mate, don't mourn the passing, celebrate the life, and remember the fun times.
  15. I have one tommorrow to go too, fellow Patriot.
    I am afraid its a part of life.

    I have been to way to many in he past.

    I have told many of the people from here , If i have to attend there funerals because they were being fcukwits on the road , i will stick a big photo of me (on my across) in there coffin before they get buried.
    then even after death they are still going to have to put up with me.
  16. i was just reading that motorcycle sales are dropping, now i fully understand :LOL: