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I Hate European Wasps!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doomsday_Streetboarding, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. G'day People,

    Yeah the other day was nice and sunny... I was on my way to work and decided to pull into the BP service station to check my tyre pressures (because I hadn't done them for ages).

    That was all cool, anyway. Got back on the bike... Went to pull out onto the East Derwent Highway when I felt a bit of a tickle on the back of my neck. I pulled out and was in the traffic driving along when my neck started burnign like crazy and I could feel there was something on it. I couldn't really do anything though... So I reached up with my left hand and swiped around... Grabbed something, held it up in front of me... Was a fcuking European wasp!

    It must have got caught in the neck of my jacket/rear of my helmet. Because the little b*** stung me 5 times.

    This happened to anyone else? I mean I have had bee's mashed in the air-vents of my visor... But never had anythign bite me whilst riding.

  2. Thats the thing with a Euro wasp, they keep stinging until you flick them off you.
    I had 1 get inside my helmet years ago when I was a pillion, it stung the crap out of my face when it got itself caught between my helmet and cheek. I stupidly had the visor open cause it was so scratched, I couldn't see thru it. But it was all for the better, I then bought my own helmet, split up with the boyfriend and proceeded to 'accessorise' the helmet by buying a bike and getting my bike licence :grin:

    Anyway, we were in Tassie last week and saw these HUGE bees, nothing like we have in Victoria. What the hell were they? They looked just like a bee but were double in size and looked 'fluffier' than a bee :?:
  3. Never had problems with European wasps (yet) but have had one of those black-coloured wasps down the front of my shirt - twice. Both times I had to pull over to the side of the road and hastily undo my jacket and untuck my t-shirt to let them out (trying to squish them through my jacket just didn't seem to work - only made them angry).
  4. That'd be a bumblebee :LOL: (some genius decided to let them loose in Tassie).
  5. Watch out for Hornets too!! :LOL:

  6. Bumble Bees

    Yup, the european bumble bee, only state to have 'em introduced for some unknown reason.

    They're a solitary bee, don't like the hive scene aparently, scare the shyte out of you when you don't expect to be buzzed by something that sounds like a chinook helicopter!!!, but they're harmless, seems they can sting, but rarely do.

    and WHY didn't you drop in and say g'day when you were in Tas?????

    Bloody north islanders........ unsociable lot [-(

  7. bumble bees are great, they are as thick as your thumb.
  8. im alergic to them and if stug by a wasp i have to take adrenalin or i might i will die
    all of this has to be done within 30 mins
    i carry a baig ass adrenalin needle in my bag and also the little compartment in my bike just incase i need it
    i hate them
  9. :LOL: :LOL: Funnily enough, my 14 year old son wanted to bring some back to Melbourne cause they looked 'COOL'
    I actually liked them, they looked kind of cuddly :grin:
  10. I posted well before we left that we were going to be in Tassie and I was actually waiting for your reply to invite us for coffee but you never did!!! :p

    I secretly wanted to pinch the across and go for a quick blat while you and Dave had coffee ;)
  11. I'm allergic to, but not to that extent...just swell up and is mighty painful (am allergic to anti-hystamine too, so just have to put up with it :evil: )

    edit for spelling :roll:
  12. Ahh sorry, but there are times I just don't get to read the forums, and when I do get back online there thousands of new posts and hundreds of new users :shock: Way too many to read thru.

    Should have PM'd me, that way I would have got an email and known.

    BTW you were welcome to have a loverly ride down the channel highway for as long as you liked on the across, no need for pilferring.

    Hope you enjoyed the state, next time let me know and wotever bike I have is yours for the day. as long as I'm riding and your pillion

  13. Had a bee sting my ear after getting splattered in an open face helmet doing 120. Went to the nearest pub, got some ice and put it on my ear un til the second schooner was empty :LOL:
  14. Yeah have any of you riders hit a bumble-bee head-on at speed? It actually moves your head... Feels like a rock. fcuking nasty.
  15. Sure has. Got one into my T shirt one day at about 8.30am. I arrived at my place of work about 10 minutes later.
    About 30 minutes after that, I felt something walking across my belly. I sort of scratched at it. It then stung me badly. I had one welt about the size of a 50c piece. 18 months later I still have a mark there.

    I have anti-histamines I have to take and carry them on my bike in case.
  16. I rest my case. WASPS SUCK.
  17. i got bitten in the left tit
    it swelled up like a 36 dd and it took ages to go down.
    I still have 2 corky lumps where the poison is trapped in the muscle which will take another 6 months to be broken down by the body .

    it aint a nice feeling .
  18. Wait till u friggen hit a friggen pigeon headon & have to wipe
    all the shit plastered across ya visor & jacket :LOL:
  19. You speak from experience?
  20. All old men speak from experience :LOL:
    Thats what u get with age bro :grin: