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I Hate Channel 10

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jd, May 13, 2007.

  1. Rant time. Channel 10 is really starting to s&*t me. Why pay for the rights to screen motorsport if you're going to stick it on at a ridiculous time. I mean last week saw the MotoGP being shoved well past midnight to make room for Big Brother - and again tonights F1 isn't being screened till after 11 for the same reason (probably be even later if like normal they allow Rove to run ridiculously overtime :roll:). Given the ridiculous amount of airtime BB already gets every week why the hell is it taking precedence over a sporting event they spend a fortune securing the rights to each year. "Home of Motorsport?" F*&k off ya are. :mad: :tantrum:

    (And yes I do have a VCR but that still means avoiding the news until you can watch the tape).

  2. I susbscribe to motogp.com to watch it live, it was about $80 a year. Or you could always get pay.

    The days of the tv networks being consumer orientated are well and truly over.
  3. CH10 suck shit with the way they treat F1 fans, but.......

    at least this year they are showing qualifying on Saturday nights :grin:
  4. And it's in Widescreen. Wish WSBs and MotoGP (even the local events) were in WS mode. But then I s'pose it reflects the amount of money in these two categories.

    Still can't figure out why WSBs and MotoGP at PI were in 4:3, though...
  5. 4:3 is excellent for me. I don't have widescreen.

    The Aussie presenters are so painful. Wish they would just shut up.

    I missed qualifying last night thanks to the bloody alcohol ;)

    Yay, first serious drink since the surgery.

    I've downloaded QF so I'm about to watch it.
  6. Just tape it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Same reason 7 and 9 buy way more than can show, because that way they have it and go show it whenever they want and the others can't.

    That's not necessarily up to Ch10.
  8. It was ment to be on at 12:20, And I reckon BB finished at something like 12:45 (or later) And I was thinking oh shit im going to miss the start of the Big boys.. But We didnt. Saying that it still didnt start until something like 45 mins after it was ment 2 :?

    Channel 10 :evil:

    On a lighter note, GO STONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  9. Yeah the last motoGP was a joke, I had school so I couldnt watch it that night and then someone posted the result in the topic :(, still twas a good race, even if I had to download it (again :(..)

    EDIT: Typo
  10. yea thats it.. I usually stay up to watch it, But the next morning im screwed for school.. but its all for good cause :)
  11. This would be sage advice if not for the fact that half of the problem is broadcasts not being shown at the advertised time.
  12. Really? Is that a new problem...never noticed it. :roll:
    Just set the timer 15 mins before and 30 mins after.
    Want a diagram?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I really enjoy d/l the Eurosports broadcast (torrent from a "cars/bike website") a few minutes/hours? after it shows. I really like the "kooky" commentators and have gotten to like their personalities after the past couple years of watching them call the race.
  14. Still doesn't solve the problem of avoiding finding out the results before you have time to watch it though. And the worst part is the more interesting the race - the more likely you're going to see something.
  15. One word matey: Ratings.
  16. I download the qualifying from each session, well I used to till CH10 started showing it on Saturdays.

    Got smashed last night and missed it.

    Got it this morning, downloaded a converter for the PSP, watched the qualifying whilst moving around the house.


    If qualifying was anything to go by, round 4 is going to be a great race :)

    How are those catalan fans, 150,000 of them, 149,500 all cheering for Alonso ;)
  17. people say to me 'why do you have foxtel man?'

    I answer "to watch races LIVE'
  18. You don't understand, do you? TV networks don't buy the rights to sporting events so they can SHOW them; they buy them to stop OTHER networks from buying them (and not showing them).
  19. Correct.

    They are commercial stations.

    They make their money by advertising to a specific audience.

    F1, SBK, MotoGP and most other racing sports are mainly a blokes sport, tens of thousands of blokes will be watching so they can then slot in the 19FLIRT ads in the hope that some people are that fcuked up they feel the need to spend $35 a week receiving text messages from some granny behind a keyboard.

    They couldn't give a rats fat if you or I were happy with the coverage.

    Vote with the remote.

    If their ratings drop because the views are pissed off, less people to watch their ads, the station has to change their ways. Good to see 10 now showing the qualifying :grin:
  20. I'd only be interested in Foxtel if I could choose only the channels I'm interested in.

    As it stands, I'd be paying for crap I'm never going to watch and have to pay extra to get the stuff I want.