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I has ape-hangers

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by philmydang, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Here is photo.
    I is happy

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  2. It's not a motorcycle baby, it's a chopper.
  3. How high are they?

    I've got tiny 7" bars at the moment and thinking of going to 10". Love my bars slightly higher, but nothing like 18" (ridden that, not good for control).
  4. Sure as hell keeps the under arm B/O under controll.Better than a whole can of Brute!!!
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  5. you have probbaly posted somewher
    but tell us about your bike n mods
    it looks sweet as
  6. Bike is a 2012 Victory Vegas 8-ball, only 'performance' mods are the pipes. The apes are 14 inches with 2 inch risers I believe. They're the same handlebars you get on a stock standard victory Highball. Surprisingly easy to ride - the bars are about shoulder height for me and BO problems solved!
  7. No problems with your arms after a long ride?
  8. smileedude,thats not a chopper ,nothing has been chopped of it ,and i dont class 14 inch handle bars as ape hangers,,,, 30 inch plus are ape hangers ,,
  9. Did they come with a flight suit to help circulation for longer rides?

    I suppose she corners better now.....?,........oh wait, that's not right is it?
  10. Mini-apes I guess you could call them, I just went for a 3 hour ride yesterday and could still feel my arms afterwards, no issues. I imagine 30 inch bars might be a different story though...

    She corners much better now - and goes much faster too thanks to those bars. Sadly it doesn't give the same power gains as those fancy racing stickers.
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  11. Good answer.......couldn't help myself......

    I actually don't mind the 8-Ball Vics.......I'd take one over a HD any day......
  12. image. seriously? Photoshop or for real?
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  13. LOL please tell me that's photoshopped
  14. Hahaha....I think its fair dinkum. I cant make out any of the usual signs of photoshopping.It came from a mate who lives in Pataya. Some crazy asians over there who like extremes. Seriously though, there would be little to no control with arms in this state. Braking, cornering, clutch control....all out the window. Also, check out the pipes!!! :) Have to be careful of brushing up against them. Ouch!!

  15. I just did a google search and came up with another photo....looks to be fairdinkum. Also looks to be a USA bike. Not in Thailand as originally thoiught. Do a google search in images and you will get hundreds of weird looking apehangers.
    I p6050096small.
  16. Haha, he can barely reach the throttle!
  17. Much less the brake
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  19. why doesnt he just stand on the seat,he'd reach the bars a bit easier. :]