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I has a proud

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Kernel, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Mounted and wired up an Aldi go cruise GPS today (pretty good GPS btw), thanks to [mention]Emiga[/mention] for selling it to me. I think I did a good enough job on the cable routing.
    OK so it's a pretty easy thing to do and everything was plug and play but it worked for me first time, and this is the first time I've ever tried installing anything electrical on any vehicle.
    No pics sorry, I don't own a camera.

  2. Waiting for impending explosion....
  3. if the gps is running and the bike is at idle, will the battery charge?

    its a good thing to check, as many guys who fit miscellaneous technologies to their motorcycles neglect this and you'll end up with a bat flattery.

    my old mans vstrom 650 would not charge the battery with a gps hardwired in until around 4500rpm.

    so we rigged a switch that would turn all the lights off, saving getting a flat battery on the recent APC rally.
  4. Lol bat flattery.

    I've read somewhere that the DR650's charging system does not fluctuate in power output with revs. As in it has an almost constant amount of charge coming from the stator no matter how hard the engine is spinning. I'll see if I can dig up the post on DRRiders where I read that.

    I will ask just to make sure...
  5. you can double check with a multimeter just for peas of mined.
  6. What am I looking for on the multimeter - am I looking to make sure the voltage does not slowly tick down?
  7. Look at what voltage you get at certain rev ranges and compare - idle, 4000rpm, 8000rpm.

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  8. Presumably I want the same volts at idle as at 4,000 rpm?
    My bike does not go to 8,000 rpm ;)
  9. Before you did this mod, did your headlight get noticeably brighter when you went from idle to (say) 3000RPM?
  10. Nope, it is always exactly the same regardless of engine revs except for when the blinkers flash
  11. thread title???????
    kinda get it....:p
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  13. Glad it's working. Just remember not to watch too many videos while riding. Mmmmkay!

    Regarding the charge question - the GPS will always draw charge when connected as it is directly connected to the Battery, unless you wire it up in a fashion that you have a switch installed/ignition in On position.

    As others mention, would be worthwhile to check your voltages at various RPM to ensure you don't end up with a flat.

  14. I better wire the positive gps wire to the positive horn wire then. DR650s are not the easiest bike to push start.
    Or I could just swap the battery out with a Li-Ion battery.
    I most definitely do not plan on watching videos while riding - listening to music only.