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I had my first off last sunday - 20th January

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Yeah, had to happen on my new bike didn't it!!! :LOL: So anyway, here's what happeneded :p

    I went on a tour ride with some poeple off of the Weekend Riders forum - great bunch of poeple on there I must say :) - and we rode from bli-bli, all the way down to peachester or near brisbane, taking the scenic and winding tourist road, which was great because the whole way we encountered twisties galore!

    So anyway we went down, then came back the same way, but when we went along obi-obi, on our way to kenilworth, things went pear shaped. I went into a sharp bend carrying way too much speed - not sure how fast I was going initially - but I first locked up the rear brake, paniced and pulled in the clutch when I really should of used my gears, then I locked up the front end repeatedly, jittering the front wheel with it, went into a tank slap, locked up the rear again and broadslid into the gaurd rail.

    It hurt, but there's no broken bones, just a bit of bruising and all the bike has in terms of damage is scratches, and a loose lower bolt on the right side riders foot peg. I am still very much able to use the bike, I just need to helicoil the bolt hole and put the bolt back in all snug and tight, then it will be almost as good as new, plus get the fairing resprayed.

    I can post some pics if poeple wanna see what got nicked...

    Just glad I am still here, and I will still be riding for as long as I can.
  2. Good to hear you got out of it relatively unscathed.
    Take care out there and learn from your mistakes like we all have :grin:
  3. 2007 ZX6 Ouch!
  4. Crap, glad you got out of it relatively ok.

    Why did you go for the rear brake??
  5. 'cause he don't know how too? :roll:

    Why did he think he needed to brake?

    Could have been worse...lucky lad. Happy to hear your relatively ok.
  6. WTF? What's your point? My question was genuine. There are two brakes on a bike. Why did tmg go for the rear when he was hot into a corner?

    A little more elucidation next time GG. You know better than that. Cheers.
  7. It always hurts the most the first time..

    You can't learn without experience, just be thankful you weren't seriously injured!!

    Good luck with the recovery (you and your bike)

  8. Sometimes in hot moments there are no reasons for why you do things - whether you go rear, front or gears, it all depends on what your first instincts are.
    Glad you're okay and that the bike's not totalled.
  9. Though that's true Jeimbo, survival reactions often work against a bike.

    Look, it's not a dig at tmg. This is a golden lesson reminder to all of us... and a good one becuase tmg isn't hurt too bad (thank goodness).

    If he was taught to use rear, then he just experienced the very real danger of rear brake. If he SR'd the rear, then he, like Smee and Pink have said, has a golden experience lesson at his finger tips.

    I think Seany posted elsewhere, "You start with a full back of luck, and an empty bag of experience... the trick is to fill the bag of experience before the bag of luck runs out".

    Every riding mistake has a lesson in it... they're never "just one of those things".

    Cheers :)
  10. Glad you and the bike are OK tmg and thanks for sharing...

    Just so I can learn from the experience, what should he have done? Just lean in further and hope for the best?

  11. Very sound Rob. I think my July stack which wrote off my C50 Boulevard involved no brakes or gears - I certainly don't remember using any of the above:)

    Not sure if it's just my bike but by christ it has a bucket of engine braking which, when used with a sudden lower gear slows things up all of a sudden! Just got to watch compression lock-up! When hot in a corner I find deceleration is very effective but if a real sudden issue arose, I'd be testing my kishy-strip limits! Actually is it better to lean and lean and risk a low side than run wide and slam a barrier? I think so.
  12. OK. I do realise why you asked the question...and I perhaps should not have answered it. But it did sound by the description given it wasn't done correctly.

    The question I asked (rephrased) is just as relevant...Why did tmg think he was to hot in and needed to brake?
    IMHO his error occured before he had to brake, not after.

    Survival instincts are a bastard...but training and practice can overcome them.
  13. We prefer to say training and practice can redirect them.

    The Japanese air force tried overcoming survival instincts with training in the later stages of world war 2 so perbaps thats what you meant :)
  14. If you've got time to lock up the back, get under control, lock up the front, get under control, lock up the front again, etc, and even then only slide into the guard rail at no life threatening pace, the real lesson to be learnt is perhaps you didn't go in too hot for your bike, you just scared yourself.

    With all that buggering around, a single smooth squeeze on the front would have easily pulled you up by the sounds of it.

    Yes? No?
  15. jez mate sounds like you came out very lucky for what happened. glad to hear you are walking and the bike damage is mainly cosmetic.

    why wouldnt you use the rear brake to wash off speed into a corner? :?
    if you are seriously running in that hot (and like said, it sounded like a bit of a panic :) ) you brake for as hard and as long as you can into the corner, untill you are trail braking at the point you know you wont over shoot it.

    then you change your underwear and get on with it :grin:
  16. 1. If you're braking HARD the rear will do sweet f*ck all before locking up.
    2. The rear brake is the number one cause of accidents.
  17. so this is following the school of thought that you dont use the rear brake in an emergancy? i disagree. i find using the rear brake aswell does significantly contribute to pulling the bike up, it helps stabalise the bike and helps keeping a bit of weight on the rear wheel, which when adding corners into the equation is obviously important.
    just becuase it causes accidents doesnt mean you shouldnt use it. rider control or lack of is still the limiting factor.
  18. After panic and sudden loss of confidence :!:
    I'm sure we've all had a brain fade at some stage. Some of us get away with it and some dont (I didnt) but the key is to learn from it and to trust the bike.
  19. In an emergency no, I don't use the rear. From my racing, where basically every hairpin I go into is an emergency stop, the rear is already howling with the slight engine braking (I've got my slipper clutch set to least back torque possible - it feels like a 2 stroke). The trick is to keep the back wheel on the ground, that's all.
  20. That's funny, I read improper use of front brake as teh cause of this one.......
    Rear brake is a very useful tool, those who fear it are not as good riders as they think they are.

    Regards, Andrew.