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i had an off(28th of June 2007)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conan, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. as most people have read in the sydney TRANSFOMERS meet up that i droped my bike on the way there , i just got back from the bike shop and the quote to fix it is $4,281 including the towing, parts and labour, lucky i have full insurance other wise i would be stuffed

    basicy the bike needs:

    new front wheel ,left hand side brake caliper , both left hand side rider and pillon foot pegs and brackets, both mirrors, one left hand side clipon with clucth leaver and all other controls, magneto cover and gasket, all the left hand side body work and a ne windsheld

  2. Ouch, thank god for insurance. You shouldn't be to worried about your premium going up a bit cause it will still be better than if you had to pay off that bill. At least you were still in the spirit to come watch the movie after that off :grin:

    How long till you get the bike back? and will they be giving you a replacement for the time being?
  3. What the hell happened :shock: sounds like you dropped it off one of the three sisters!
  4. not shure yet , gota send the claim form in tomorrow
  5. Bloody hell, that's a big bill. You're unlucky they're not gonna pay you out.
  6. more dammage done then expected
  7. yeah not shure if they will write it off yet mate, ill find out in a few days i guess
  8. Hey conan, sorry to read you had an off - but good to hear that you're in one piece - and the bike is having the surgery not you :grin:
  9. how come?

    insurance pays out even if your at fault, so what would be the problem?
  10. As in write it off. What's a Hyo6 worth anyway, $8k? If the damage bill is $4k and they can sell the wreck for $4k at auction it's touch and go as to whether they'd pay it out in full rather than repair it.

    A write-off's a much better outcome for the owner, it means you can go buy another whole bike without ever having to worry that "something's not quite right since the crash."
  11. u got the quote already? god damn it, my insurance company took its sweet time getting mine...

    well, by the sounds of it you seem alright, no bumps or bruises?
  12. well yeah im with swann , they told me to get the quote from the bikeshop where i bought the bike from, they havent seen it yet , so its probs guna take a few weeks till it gets fixed, thats if it dose get fixed , they might just write it off like loz said

  13. He almost did not survive the pillion ride home !
  14. If you opt for a brand new bike (assuming it's <12 months old) the insurer will press the dealer for a good price, and they will get out of it maybe $1K less than what it would cost you to buy the bike again, and as already said, an $8K bike with $4K damage, will be touch and go.

    If there is any probability that once repaired it will haunt them, they will write it off, and err on the side of caution, as a bike sold at auction has no warranty issues for the insurer.
  15. If your bike is a write off, so is the premium you pay too. Be careful what you wish for.

    I had a gs500 written off after only 3 months. Deemed not my fault, but once the bike was officially written off, the contract is over with the insurer. New bike means you have to pay insurance on a new machine.

    After paying 12months worth of insurance for a bike I had for 3, I was well pissed off!
  16. hahahaha yeah allmost , dam 4wds and taxi's
  17. thanks for the info TWEET and righty, i will keep what you both said in mind
  18. wooooo my bike has just been looked at by the insurance asscessor, now i have to wait to see what my insurance comoany wants to do with it, i c ant wait to get it back, i miss my bike , and geting the train to work sucks at 5am
  19. The insurer should have refunded you for 9 months of the policy
  20. Why do you say that? I didn't cancel the policy. I made full use of it.